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    I may have to try this one. I totally miss the banana goodness that was Me, Jane. Can anyone recommend any other banana fragrances?
  2. I ordered a sample as I was curious what it would smell like, being a lover of sugared honeycomb. This is fabulous. It reminds me of LP White & Pink combined, neither of which worked well with my body chemistry. It very sweet in a non-cloying way. It smells like a vanilla liquor, with cotton candy, waffle cones and maybe a light touch of musk. It's light, airy and sweet and a total dream. I adore this and need a big bottle or 10. EDIT: This smells like the dreamy, creamy frosting notes in Lush's Honey I Just Washed the Kids {the solid perfume was too oraney and lemoney for me but the other notes were awesome} and reminds me of Poison Hypnotic {fairy tale like vanilla scent but only myself and my mother and grandmother seem to appreciate on me}.Whoever said this was a fairy tale scent was very accurate.
  3. If you go to perfumerie and click on Neanderlicent resinous, Offering and others, it says sale price of $14.95. On me, Neanderlicious is all Sandalwood of the headshop variety, with light powdery musks and some light berries. It reminds me of my old favorite Skin Musk from Bonne Bell. Yum. The resins work well on me and usually they don't. This stays close to the skin which means I can slather it on. I miss Me, Janeand wish I found out aout Sugar Fried Bananas before it was gone. Mmmm..... *********EDIT: Trial #2 yielded waaaay different results. It started out sandalwood with like PheroGirl mixed in. Then the honey kind of faded and the berry smell kicked in. Then it was just honey and sandalwood and then the addition of what smelled like 21st Century Venus. Hours upon hours later {after cleaning my house all day as well} it smells like BPAL's O. I do like this and TAH and appreciate the different morphings of the scent. This is very interesting as yesterday I got a totally different smell. But that has happened before with LP scents, they smell different a few days after opening. FINAL EDIT: I am through bottle one and onto bottle number two. It has remained a very violet scent. A candly like violetness predominates with a touch of sandalwood.
  4. Like Sugared Honeycomb but was nastier, sophisticated and sexy. I liked Bacchanalia but find this really different, less stank and fruit and more honey and muskiness. Bacchanalia is like a drunken 20-something in a group orgy for days on end. On me this is like Sugared Honeycomb dipped in various light musks with a hint of flower somewhere very far in the background. I worre this out shopping today and got interseting reactions from men. They just stared and looked me intently in the eye. It wasn't like they were leering or anything just staring. I need more testing to figure this out. This is like a 30-something in a tight black dress out for a night finding a man and/or men for a night or two of fun. It's lovely and I want to slather myself in it. This is the holy grail of trampiness and I must e careful where I wear this.......
  5. I love this scent. My first thought was "now this is a floral I actually like." I am a foody scent person. This is really strong and has throw. I would describe it as a foody floral.It reminds me almost of LP Red in it's making, not so much the same scent, just the same fiery-ness and body. It smells like light florals mixed with sugar, cinnamon, something woodsy and something I can only describe as psychotic, fiery lemon. It is really strong at forst with all notes in full last then it fades to a more sugary, lemony and lightly woodsey scent. This has a light element yet is also sexy and dark at the same time. This is an intersting/intrguing blend and I love it and am glad I hoarded a few bottles.
  6. Since this is on sale, I am going to try it. I loved Me, Jane and had the best fun with TAH, so I am trying this. I hope it isn't too woodsy on me. Some of the reviews remind me on my old love Bonne Bell Skin Musk so I think I may like it. I have a very strong, dominate personality but at the same time prefer to not be dominate in the bedroom. TAH definately brings out the drag you off and have my way with you reaction I love.
  7. I got a bottle of Red amped with BI and it did indeed "water" down the scent some. It was lighter and smelled kind of like eggnog. I prefer the scent strong and next time I get a bottle, it will not be amped with pheros. I am almost out of Red. Wish I had more money.
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    EDIT: I ended up buying two bottle during the sale and love this. It's funny to look at all the different reviews, sounds like this scent is really different on each person. I totally slather this one and it still disappears. It's lovely anyway.
  9. I get nothing but resins and sandalwood? This reminds me of Raven's Secret Weapon but then again I don't do well with resins and spices and pachouli usually. They just take over any scent and amplify to crazy heights. I am sure this would be great on someone else, just not my freaky, strange, body chemistry self. I will give this a try/roll in the hay. If I like TAF I can always buy a bottle for fun times.
  10. Well, I finally got my filthy, greedy hands on a bottle (actually 2) and am ~in love~. I cannot explain this but, on me, it totally reminds me of BPAL's Blood Kiss. It HAS to have the same musk, the one BPAL lists as "feral musk." The one I am in love with and would love to bathe in...... It also has a similar wine note which I love to. This smells like fruit in the bottle. Wet I smell the musk I love so and wine, it's light yet raunchy. It makes me picture some woman who is free spirited and sexy, having fun and drinking wine. Its like an drunken orgy in a bottle This starts out "darker" smelling and then "lightens" up. I have the ~weirdest~ body chemistry. I love this and Cheap Girls and alot of people say they don't work for them. A majority of the popular scents ~do not~ work with my body chemistry.
  11. This is great, I feel very cheap and easy! It's completely sleazy! Its like sugared honeycomb with some honey and candy-like florals. I don't get any spices or resins which is a good thing, since spices=Old Spice on me and resins just amplify to disgusting and sickening heights. I am really suprised how strong this scent is. It has alot of throw and is strong Wet it smelled like a little honey and kool aid or like a cheap, fruity drink (Boones Farm?). Then it dried down some and became powdery and incensey and like sugared honeycomb. Now it holding strong as some lovely candy-like florals and sugared honeycomb. I love animalistic and foodey scents as well as honey and anthing slutty or sleazy. This is so my type of floral. I am so glad I have hoarded two bottles during the sale, I can't believe all the Honey Ho's didn't snatch this up super fast!
  12. Thanks for the review. You may be my complete opposite fragrance-wise, I love amber, honey, pachouli and foodey scents. I can't stand clean, the smutter and more wicked the better. I need to checkout Miasma and Tantric Butterfly.....
  13. DeliberateAngel

    G String

    This was honey, not sugared honeycomb honey or honeyed seducations honey. It seemed to be like a drier, more powdery honey.Then a touch of musk, tons of leather and no fruit. The honey turned very powdery and the leather amped to headache inducing levels. The leather then died down and just smelled like an ingredients in a mens colgne (grey flannel?). This didn't work with my body chemistry needless to say. Some honey's don't, like the Possets Girls Love Honey line.
  14. I love Me, Jane and so does my partner, but I only was able to get two bottles before it vanished. Neanderlicious has TAH but I am not digging the scent description and reviews. I think I am in love with TAH as I am very dominant and asserive (Alpha female?) and need something to tone it down and make me appear more girlie and submissive. http://www.androticsdirect.com/product.php...at=3&page=1 I may just get a bottle from Androtics and spike everything I own perfume wise. I have no idea what is in it other than sheer goodness.
  15. You are so right. Some days this works well with people, some days not so much. I would say though women react to this way more than men. I did notice though children at the day care center I had to volunteer at, were flocking to me on days I wore this. This scent really grew on me. Need a big bottle.....
  16. My skin didn't like this one. I love musk and was looking for lighter summer scents. This was very light on my skin, almost airy and clean-soap-smelling. On myself, there is nothing sexy about this. It was all light and very clean white musk and some clean, lemony soap. I can see how this would be sexy on someone with different bodt chemistry than me.
  17. DeliberateAngel


    I loooooooooove this. Its beautiful and had so much potential. My skin drinks this so it's not a keeper for me. Its warm amber loveliness with creamy undertones with a warm spiciness. My skin sucked it all up though and turned it into sweetness on my skin in about 1/2 an hour. This would be so beautiful on the right person.
  18. I ordered a sample looking for a summer and spring scent. I usually wearer darker, sexy more floozy-like scents. This is so the opposite. It's a floral which I typically run from because they turn to laundry soap on my skin. This one didn't however. This is very light, innocent and pure with a hint of sexy. I don't get heady and strong, it's more strong yet light and slihgtly sweet in a non-cloying way. It indeed reminds me of a lovely, summer outdoor wedding. I really do like this as it's so different from what I usually wear. I will be ordering a large bottle.
  19. DeliberateAngel

    G String

    On the first trial:The honey in this one reacts to my skin like the honey in Pherogirl. It becomes very sweet and light and almost aquatic. The musk and leather are very light. This is not nearly as floozy-like on me as I had hoped. Second Trial: Something similar to sugared honeycomb with hints of leather and musk. This is so delightfully dirty. Need a large bottle. Would be dangerous with pheromones
  20. OMG I LOVE THIS! I wish I had tried it earlier........ This is so beautiful, unusual and smells expensive. The first thing I thought when I sniffed my wrist was the expensive perfume my grandmother used to wear, crosses with some notes from Clinique happy and then "cool fire." I am guessing the cool fire is the blue musk, which is somehow both cool and sweet. It reminds me of lilac almost. This scent is so unusual. At times it smells old fashioned then the modern scent peeks through. It smells warm and sexy, and also has cool almost aqautic undertones as well. This really shouldn't work by all means, but it somehow does in a fabulous way. Its very womanly, refined, sexy but aloof. I so need to get a full sized bottle of this pronto. This could be my signature scent. This would work well in the winter or summer. I think domination pheromones would work well in this.
  21. Hmmmm... Pure raunch you say? I need some. I love musk, honey scents and seXXXy scents. ~Planning my next order and I must current is in the mail~ Muahahaha.
  22. Just thought I would drop by and say how beautifullt this ages. The color of the oil in the bottle has gotten darker and more red. Also, I find shaking the bottle good before applying is a must! This one must "settle" because if I don't shake before applying I smell like saffron.... Or like I sat and had dinner in an indian restaurant and didn't wash my clothes and wore them for a few days. This is so nice and calming. I think it would be great layered with some vanilla as well.
  23. How did I not notice this scent before? Voodoo and sexxxy??? Grrrrrrr..... I just placed an order and would have added this if I found it sooner....... Too many scents! Lovely lovely scents. This shall go in my next order.
  24. Shes harmless, and One more class meeting and the class is over! One note I forgot to make and this may explain peoples headaches: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. THIS ONE REALLY CREEPS UP ON YOU. I PUT A NORMAL AMOUNT ON AND THEN LIKE 1/2 LATER, THE SMELL WAS SO STRONG I GAVE MYSELF A HEADACHE. I have found unscented lotion covers some of the smell of over applied perfume. I use Curel.
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