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  1. quietguy


    Happy New Year!
  2. quietguy

    New Site Coming Soon

    Very nice!
  3. quietguy

    Mark's Love God Blend

    The wife has been a lot more ... affectionate ... since I started wearing this. Now there are other home factors that have come into play. But I certainly think this blend has given everything that extra bump.
  4. quietguy

    Mark's Love God Blend

    Some of the reactions have been pretty strong. This mix is on the edge of dangerous. There is one happily married mom of two I know. I can tell there is some attraction on her part, but we are both happily married so I am not going down that road. But this is the conversation we had (with her husband only feet away) the last time I was wearing this mix near her: Her: You would never cheat would you? Me: No, of course not. Her: Because that would be bad. Me: Yes, very bad. Her: I would never cheat. Me: No, of course you wouldn't. You are a very good person. Then she just seemed to kinda freeze up for almost 10 seconds, not exactly sure what to say next. I always get one of those socially polite "side hugs". But you can feel her whole body relax and she comepletely leans her head against my chest for just a second. Other women seem to move in closer than usual. A lot more hugs. If I were single, I could move around with this mix.
  5. quietguy

    New Girl to the community

  6. quietguy


  7. quietguy

    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Welcome to the Forum!
  8. quietguy

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    And this is why I don't try to guess the ingredients lol - I barely got a 50% guess as to which ones are masculine or unisex.
  9. quietguy


    Thank you! I really missed it.
  10. quietguy

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I think the Soul Food label is quite artistic ...
  11. I got my Love God today. Thank you!
  12. quietguy


    Glad to hear that - it is an almost daily work wear for me.
  13. Things can get interesting when you wear pheromones and effects can definitely vary depending on what you wear. I can tell at work with the people around me depending on what mix I wear. If I wear something like "Swimming with Sharks" then everything tends to stay more business-like although sometimes I will have a coworker try to verbally assert themselves. If I wear something more friendly then that is the vibe in the office.
  14. quietguy

    Forum Upgrade!

    I noticed my photos that are hosted on Photobucket are visible again. Is it a tweek Sharon did or something on the Photobucket side?