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    Hello Lovers of LPMP

    Welcome to the Forum!
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    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    And this is why I don't try to guess the ingredients lol - I barely got a 50% guess as to which ones are masculine or unisex.
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    Thank you! I really missed it.
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    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    I think the Soul Food label is quite artistic ...
  6. I got my Love God today. Thank you!
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    Glad to hear that - it is an almost daily work wear for me.
  8. Things can get interesting when you wear pheromones and effects can definitely vary depending on what you wear. I can tell at work with the people around me depending on what mix I wear. If I wear something like "Swimming with Sharks" then everything tends to stay more business-like although sometimes I will have a coworker try to verbally assert themselves. If I wear something more friendly then that is the vibe in the office.
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    Forum Upgrade!

    I noticed my photos that are hosted on Photobucket are visible again. Is it a tweek Sharon did or something on the Photobucket side?
  10. Hey QG,

    I haven't seen you on here for a few weeks, everything okay?

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    Hi from melisse in california!

    Hello & welcome to the forum!
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    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Yeah, well that too haha!
  13. This is one of my favorite scents of this collection. The woods & vetiver make it a very strong traditional male scent and the alcohol notes do give it just a touch of sweetness with a hint of some kind of alcohol. But no you do not smell like a bottle of anything so no need to worry about that. The flip side is that I am currently doing very well using Wanted Man (even at work) in different blends so that only enhances this scent even more.