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  1. River is beautiful and the artwork is great. A couple of the labels look like they ould be on wine bottles.
  2. Very good advice and commentary here. Her is going to have to take a look medically if anything is going on there - low testosterone and/or ED. But he has to take ownership of his health part of the equation. The commentary about doing a number on a guy's head is VERY true and as Eve states might well explain why he is rushing through sex with no foreplay - he is going for the intercourse while he knows he has an erection. It may could also explain he is shying away from sugestive texts for fear of creating a build up with you then not being able to carry through. This situation really can mess with a guy's head. So Luna's advice about honest and caring conversation is dead on. Who knows - maybe it is some emotional issue running around inside his head (as opposed to ED due to a physical cause) if he is not one to talk about serious issues. Cannot emphasize that soy thing enough. A lot of "health" foods and even some powdered vitamin formulas are soy based. It can easily knock a guy's testosterone levels down. Yes a lot of guys run off of the "Thrill of pursuit and conquest". But here you need to be careful - if it is ED due to low testosterone or other physical causes, then you pulling back may signal to his already troubled mind an emotional withdrawl caused by your dissatisfaction with the erection issue. Which would only make it worse. Again, I think Luna's suggestion of plain and caring communication is key here. Something else that could cause this issue with a guy - physical performance issues and lack of physical desire while still affectionate - could be a little too much "self indulgence" with pornography. I am not saying it is by any means. I think ED caused by *something* is the most probable issue.
  3. Wow. 1. Could not do that to someone. 2. Not bold enough to try. Just wow.
  4. I love the Sand Box. Glad I included this in an order I just placed. When I run out of Cry Havoc, Sand Box is going to become my new car scent.
  5. I have said her and at other forums, just wear the pheromone and let it do its work. Well it did its work a couple days ago. I wore SS4M with a cologne on top of it. At the grocery store, I am looking for a favorite marinade but cannot find it. There are a couple ladies stocking shelves and I have walked past them then doubled back. Finally I ask one lady - blond, attractive, about my age if not a touch older. As I am telling her what I am looking for, I see her eyes get "that" light in them. And I am thinking "Damn, what did I do to get that look". She tells me I need to look two aisles over. So I head on over there. Just as I find what I am looking for (she was right of course), here she comes around the corner with five items from the previous aisle that I might be interested in. She lays them out neatly in my cart and asks if I might be interested in any of them. It was hard to see them because she was standing so close. With a really big smile on her face. I did not really want any of them but did not want to be rude so I picked one saying it looked interesting, thank you very much, she didn't have to, etc.. Just as I thought she was going to invite herself to dinner, she grabbed the other four items and told me she would be happy to help me find anything else if I needed help and left. I walked away thinking "Wow" and then remembered I was wearing SS4M and not a work mix like both days and suddenly it made sense.
  6. Dear sweet mother of pearl - I am so sorry. What a headache. You have a strong core - I might have jumped off a roof by now.
  7. Toys in th Attic, Haunted Forest & Blud 2019 are spooky ...
  8. Yeah I had to explain to my kids that "back in the day", Converse was pretty much the only choice in "gym shoes" that were not cleats. I was "all that" when I got a pair of Puma? shoes for track - I ran the mile. They were so light weight, it felt almost like I was not wearing shoes.
  9. Wow - congratulations - great job!
  10. I was able to make an account - once I scrolled down and figured out where to do it lol. My screen name is Big Daddy B.
  11. I once again agree with Luna's review. This is a very smooth scent - "clean and neutral" as Luna states. The sweetness is very light and is a very natural sweetness, not at all like the very cloying sweetness of some commercial mens colognes. The scent is a little on what I would describe as the "soft" side but it is certainly masculine enough for any guy. I can however see where that soft/neutral feel combined with a touch of sweetness could work for a female. Like Luna states, this is a good work scent.
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