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  1. Yeah I had to explain to my kids that "back in the day", Converse was pretty much the only choice in "gym shoes" that were not cleats. I was "all that" when I got a pair of Puma? shoes for track - I ran the mile. They were so light weight, it felt almost like I was not wearing shoes.
  2. Wow - congratulations - great job!
  3. I was able to make an account - once I scrolled down and figured out where to do it lol. My screen name is Big Daddy B.
  4. I once again agree with Luna's review. This is a very smooth scent - "clean and neutral" as Luna states. The sweetness is very light and is a very natural sweetness, not at all like the very cloying sweetness of some commercial mens colognes. The scent is a little on what I would describe as the "soft" side but it is certainly masculine enough for any guy. I can however see where that soft/neutral feel combined with a touch of sweetness could work for a female. Like Luna states, this is a good work scent.
  5. quietguy

    New to LPMP

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. You are welcome. As I have siad many times, I came here for the pheromones but stayed for the scents and great company. TY for being part of the great company.
  7. TBH - I notice it more when Mrs. QG is NOT with me. When she is with me, I guess I am more focused on her and do not notice other women's reactions when we are together.
  8. Then you would be VERY amused if you were married to me because this seems to be the norm with us lol.
  9. It's funny - my wife (as I have stated several times before) is not into scents. But she sure picks up when there is any other female interest in me. I think I have recounted a couple times where she has commented some female had noticed me/taken and interest in me & I did not believe her. Until we are separated (ie one of us headed toward the restroom) and I am intercepted. If she wasn't my wife, she would be the perfect wing man haha!
  10. quietguy

    Hiya everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I came here too originally for the pheromones but stayed for the great community and great scents.
  11. @Eastwood22: But said entirely in jest as that is one of the joke phrases at our house - obviously coming from our kids when they were very young. In real life, I would probably just say "Yes m'am" lol.
  12. @Eastwood22: You're not the boss of me haha! No, you are right - I have learned through some mostly humorous interractions to be careful when wearing "sexual" mixes out without the wife. I think you may be right about either the travel shock or sometimes some scents just age very well. Several realease from this series to include this one actually seem to smell better now than when I originally got them. When I first got this sample the cherry seemed pretty strong but now it is very smooth and blends in beautifully with the vanilla and other notes.
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