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Found 2 results

  1. Any suggestions on a good scent/phero blend or unscented phero to use for myself when networking/interviewing? 13 years ago I was at the top of my career but decided to become a SAHM, volunteer & raise my two young sons... don't regret it, but now that they are more independent (15 & 18) I'm wanting to head back to the workforce... the challenge is getting BACK into the industry at my age (55) when so many companies opt to hire younger (less experience for less $$) AND getting my career (vs. "Mommy) groove back. I guess I'm looking for a scent that will help with my confidence and energy, while perhaps having an edge on the competition (other candidates vying for the position) with a phero or blend that might have positive effects on the person(s) I'm interviewing with (the industry has both male and females in power positions, so I don't want to give off something that another female could unconsciously pick up as "competition", if that makes sense.)
  2. I was debating this in the shower (when all my deepest thoughts and most random ideas occur, naturally): would it be ethical or considered cheating to use pheromones to win - née, gain the edge in - a competition? Specifically in the context of baking, I was thinking along the lines of spritzing the plates - with Perfect Match perhaps - before serving the food on them. Since pheromones can't activate any ideas that aren't already there, only emphasize... I really don't know, seems kind of a grey area to me and wonder what the consensus is? Conversely, the judges may be in danger of falling in love with the silverware. Also, would that be considered a health hazard? While it's not directly on the food, it is essentially being served on a plate of pheros. I didn't think so, but definitely good to be sure. No one wants their dessert associated "with that guy who turned a rich tapestry of colours outside before showing us his insides". That, I think, would be the opposite of winning. Any input, thoughts, ideas, all appreciated.
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