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  1. Haii lovely LP community ^.^ **warning: super long post!!** I would like to introduce myself and express my enthusiasm for my first pheromone purchase, and also ask for help with a specific effect I'm aiming for. I have been wearing the Perfect Match spray every weekend for the last 30 days when around my boyfriend. This is my first pheromone blend ever, and so I have been experimenting to find my sweet spot. My reports range from wearing too little to overdosing (both ghosting and even feeling sick the next day), and I feel confident now that 3 sprays is probably as strong as I should go. I'm definitely more of a bonding sort of person. I feel more comfortable in smaller circles and exploring how many sides of my close friends I can get to know. Thus, I enjoy being silly and loosely interpreted only if I am around people I know very well - so that I know that they can and are willing to "go places" with me. My boyfriend is 23 just now, I'm newly 22. We've been exclusive from the beginning almost a year ago and he's my first boyfriend. We share a lot on almost every level and it feels a ton like soulmate stuff between us; feels like we can read each other's thoughts and inclinations and tastes since very early on in the relationship. He's definitely a bonding type, looking for someone who vibes with his quirks of crazy, to stick with him through thick and thin. I want the same thing and have not settled for anything else, which is why he's my first relationship. The thing is, he's had this type of relationship as his first love in high school. He doesn't mention her or them together often, but the few times he did, it "was special", they were "inseparable," and "she was the first girl to break [his] heart." Also, they lost 'it' to each other. They ended at 7 months because she felt that they no longer had independent identities and she recognized this as unhealthy and broke it off. I have been bothered by this revelation ever since and I feel down when I shouldn't. It's been almost 3 months since I've not really been able to stop ruminating. Besides the above, everything is as perfect as rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes. I seriously couldn't ask for better. My experiences with Perfect Match have completely wowed me. I'm not entirely sure what he's feeling from his behavior, but I experience self-effects like the nesting vibe and feeling completely comfortable and happy with myself to a degree I never imagined. I sort of want him to completely forget everything he's learned with her and discover first love with me instead. If he could, I know he would. Is there a blend or molecule that helps achieve this? At the end of the day, most of all Thank you, LP, for reading and any input ya'll have!
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