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What's your favorite Love PotionĀ® fragrance? How were you introduced to our perfumes?

Found 2 results

  1. Upon doing my daily studying of what NEXT to order, I think I'm understanding the applications and use of unscented blends, BUT I still want to throw it out to the experts for input. Getting the Swimming w/Sharks and/or La Femme Mystere on their own will allow me the option of combining them with a number of great LPMP scents (as opposed to buying a scent that already has them added), correct? Next, for either or both of these, would an oil/RollerBall be better or the spray? (And with the spray must I be very careful to only put it on skin & not risk clothes/hair?) Finally, since my initial intent for these is to boost a confident & successful return to my career (interviews & networking) THEN (hopefully being hired sooner than later) ongoing camaraderie & respect in the workplace) can anyone suggest good covers for either of these? Oh, and someone also recommended Open Windows as a great workplace scent... I'd love to know more about it if anyone has experience.
  2. Any suggestions on a good scent/phero blend or unscented phero to use for myself when networking/interviewing? 13 years ago I was at the top of my career but decided to become a SAHM, volunteer & raise my two young sons... don't regret it, but now that they are more independent (15 & 18) I'm wanting to head back to the workforce... the challenge is getting BACK into the industry at my age (55) when so many companies opt to hire younger (less experience for less $$) AND getting my career (vs. "Mommy) groove back. I guess I'm looking for a scent that will help with my confidence and energy, while perhaps having an edge on the competition (other candidates vying for the position) with a phero or blend that might have positive effects on the person(s) I'm interviewing with (the industry has both male and females in power positions, so I don't want to give off something that another female could unconsciously pick up as "competition", if that makes sense.)
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