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Okay, after kids go to bed. And it's entirely TMI.

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:smiley-signs135: Warning....


So, after Stacy mentioned the TH & cops combo, I decided I'd try it later that day. And then it was maybe 20 minutes later and I was ready enough, having showered and I was getting ready for the 2nd phase of my day. My man was still mostly asleep in the bed, I was by my vanity. First I sprayed maybe 4 or 5 spritzes of TH, and then maybe 1/3 of a trial vial of Animal Crackers on my wrists and a little on my neck to cover it, and then some OCCO White between the girls.


He rolled over, "Ummm, you smell good, what's that?"

"Animal Crackers."

"Yeah, you are. Come here and let me smell you."

"No, you can't, it's not dry yet."

"Come here! I want to smell you!"

"Fine, but no touching."

"Um, that's good," smelling my wrists. "What's that? It's different here," trying to stick his face between my boobs.

"I said no touching, you have to wait, it's not even dry yet. NO TOUCHING."

"What are you doing to me? It smells so good, it's kind of turning me on..."




Later, after the poor guy has OCCO White all over him, "Is this going on the forum?"

"Of course not, honey, our sex life is private."

He says, "It's not like they'll believe you anyway. They'll be like, 'Oh sure, your man got turned on by your perfume. Because men are never horny in the morning when they first wake up. Sure it was the Animal Crackers.' "


Now, I put a bit of OCCO White (or Ambrosia now) or BBM or Odalisque between the girls almost everyday at some point, so it was not just the cops, it was the big whiff of TH that hit him first. He's a cuddly/connection guy. I've been having great results with Liebchen, too. So good that I haven't even taken the plastic off my new bottle of Luxurious w/ Blatant Invitation yet, which isn't like me at all. I'm not big on waiting.

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