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Balm Bomb-Phero Enhanced Perfume

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I can't even describe to you the magnificence that is this fragrance. It seems masculine but not in an aggressive way...more calming and relaxing. It feels like a giant blanket that you never want to leave.

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Scented Balm Bomb really is the bomb. A Calm Bomb. It's saved me from being a craxy bitch on a roll to being a perfectly reasonable and possibly even gracious person these past few days. I have been fogging the hell out of myself, literally.

Fortunately I fogged myself again today before I had to stop what I was doing to run home to get my daughter's clarinet for her dad, and before I went back to work. I have one student who likes to sing the last word of every sentence that I say. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't need to manage him and his other odd behaviors (he has some situations), I need the space to be comfortable and relaxing for everyone. By the end of class, I was softening up towards him more than I usually do. 

I feel like I got a ton of hits off the Scented Balm Bomb today. People were just nice and wanted to be helpful. One man seemed to run towards me from across the parking lot, he said that he was worried that I had a ticket on my windshield. (It was a parking pass.) A girl in the super market smiled at me like she knew me and was happy to see me, almost like she had been standing there, waiting for me to arrive. I wouldn't exactly call it DIHL, but multiple guys in line at the pharmacy were just standing there in line, watching me leave, not thinking to hide it. I mean, they're in line at the pharmacy, not much to do, but there were plenty of other characters to look at, and aren't we all supposed to be looking down at our phones? And I guess I got in on the action, too, when I saw a woman kind of waving her phone around, up, down, all around. I walked right over and asked, "What's going on over here?" She was trying to take a selfie for her sister that needed to have her bag in it, so I just did it for her. Humans shouldn't have to take selfies if there are other humans available. I've never worn Balm Bomb out and about, but everyone seems to respond positively. I've only worn it at home previously, that's definately changing now! 

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