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A lovely and spiritual clairvoyance amplifier for both men and women.


MEDIUM ~ Clairvoyance Potion: Whether you're into Crystal Scrying, Tarot Reading, Runes, Dream Interpretation, Palmistry, Tea Leaves or Rolling the Bones, this potion should help you focus and channel your natural psychic abilites. Contains ingredients prized for their Divinitory properties, plus those used for centuries to guard against evil and psychic attack. And smells absolutely divine! A deep, spiritual, incensey scent.


Magical Properties: Encourages the opening of the psychic and subconscious mind. Aids in Divination of all kinds. Protection against psychic attack.

Notes: Dragon's Breath (aka Heliotrope), Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber, Sugar, Vetivert, Dark Heather, Champa Flower (aka Plumeria), Mosses, Patchouli, Sage, Egyptian Musk, Arabian and Egyptian Sandalwoods.


Created by:

Label art:

July 2007

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