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A bushel of sweets, spices and flowers specifically attributed to the granting of wishes, including Grains of Paradise, Dandelion, Sweetgrass, Dogwood, Sunflower, Water Lotus and Sugar Cane — topped off with glorious Wisteria blossoms (an aid for channeling, prayer, meditation and inspiration) Birds of Paradise (freedom and independence, assistance in moving towards self-empowerment), and Freesia (new beginnings).

DANDELION ~ Wishes, intuition, promotes psychic powers; aids in psychic communication.
DOGWOOD BLOSSOMS ~Wishes granted and protection.
LOTUS ~ Makes a woman irresistible to a man, lovers reunited.
SUGAR CANE ~ Attracts love, good fortune, sweetness, riches, lust inducing.
WISTERIA: Embracing femininity, relieves fear of intimacy in both men and women, gentleness, inspiration, knowledge, love, psychic development, wisdom.
BIRDS OF PARADISE ~ Communication, protection, luck, healing, success.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

Blessings for the New Year trilogy, December 2007

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