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Archive: In The Lap of The Queen

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There is an ancient Celtic concept which views rulers as deities incarnate. To rule, Kings had to have the approval of their Queen in order to be legitimate rulers. (If a Queen was stolen, the King lost his ability to rule until she was restored to him.) The King only ruled at the discretion of the Queen. This is symbolized by the King placing his feet in the lap of the Queen while dispensing his rulings, and by her permission only. Her agreement with his rulings was required, or considered false. Thus ensuring the balance of male and female energies required for just rule and balance of power.


This potion was crafted with this concept in mind. It is a power potion of the highest order - made to balance aggressive and receptive energies, male and female sensibilities; draws awe and respect, prosperity and power - but tempers this with wisdom, compassion and balance. Ingredients: Fig, Heather, Sunflower, Cedar, Ginger, Carnation, Lily, Amber, Frank & Mhyrr.


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July 2008

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