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Faeries called Lunantishees are honored on this holiday; they are the guardians of blackthorn trees and sloes, and permit no one to cut their branches this day. It was considered prudent in olden times to leave an offering of cake, butter and milk or ale outside the door or on a windowsill, in order to procure the Lunantishees` good favor and avert the mischief they can cause. Some consider this a general festival honoring all the Faerie Sidthe.


FAIRY CAKE (Vanilla, Flour, Sugar, Butter) ~ Wishes granted, lust, nurturing, love, favor, feminine energy.
BLACKTHORN WOOD & BERRIES ~ Powerful magic, amplifies personal power (take care to use for positive purposes).
ROSEWOOD ~ Love and healing.
VETIVER ~ Power amplifier, enhances perception of beauty, love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.


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October 2008

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