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What was the message from the sad, enchained ghost of Jacob Marley....? Well, it's the time of year for raises and bonuses, and you want your boss feeling extra generous... so don this blend of seasonal grains and nuts, sweetened dark woods and rich tobacco, and unScrooge 'em in a flash! May be worn by both women & men.


OATS ~ Prosperity, abundance, sustenance, money spells.
BLACK WALNUT ~ Wishes granted, strengthens heart and will, mental powers, dark earthly powers.
TOBACCO ~ Lends courage, calms angry Gods, healing, purification, spiritualism.
DARK WOODS ~ Material gain, protection, creativity.
MILK ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships.
HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive, use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover, happiness, fulfillment.
SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness, riches, lust inducing.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing


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November 2008

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