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It is said that Truffles (of the mushroom kind) smell like sex, (or musk and nuts...no, not those nuts!). We had a bit of fun combining the tastes and aromas of the chocolate truffle (the oils in chocolate produce a feeling of euphoria similar to the state of being in love) with the oil of the true truffle...the types rooted out by enterprising young four-legged creatures who have a taste for living
in mansions, as they sell for $450 per pound!

What we whipped up is a sensuous chocolate scent: rich chocolate wrapped around a nut medley featuring hazelnut and marshmallow, rolled in powdered cocoa and coffee, with just a hint of chocolate mint, animalic musk and truffle oil.


(Fans of our Velvet Kisses blend should desire to root out this one too, oink oink!)


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Mara & Julie

Label art:

May 2012

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