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Archive: Dirty Old Man phero-enhanced fragrance

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The name describes this rather well. High in "None", it really can only be worn by men, but also has a big dose of copulins and a lot of hippy patchouli. Will work on the male Over-40 set best.


When I was first blending Compromising Positions with Sexpionage for women, I made a mistake and added waaaaay too much of the alpha male phero into it, aka "None". From what I understand, high levels of None are best tolerated by older men, 40's and up, because they are not making as much naturally as they used to. I reblended the original attempt, adding heavier darker notes to make the scent more masculine. I am serious about this being only for men to wear tho. High levels of None can produce an instant headache in the ladies, as well as irritability (so I don't suggest you snoof it out of the vial). Let it dry down on your man's skin first and then you can snuffle him to your heart's content.  Only offered in oil form, for best effect.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

June 2012

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