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Archive: Essential FHW mini collection

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The most essential of experiences...




...welcome to our olfactory dream-factory, where soothing peaceful relaxation is assured with our blissful blend of Fennel Seed extract, real Marshmallow flavoring and Oakmoss Resinoid. Lovers of our Sogni Incantati fragrance will bask in reverie.


FENNEL ~ Healing, protection, purification, ecstasy.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT ~ Fertility, happiness, creativity, increase in psychic awareness, intuition, love, protection, exorcism. Gently commanding and persuading.

OAKMOSS ~ Luck enhancing, financial success, protection, charity. Parental love.




...welcome to our olfactory spa, with a clean woody unisex scent containing essential oils which are known to promote the qualities of balance, love and harmony: Carnation, Damiana, wild Katrifay, Ylang Ylang, Cistus (Labdanum), Holy Basil, Muhuhu, and Jamarosa Root. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now, seek your moment to resonate with all things.


CARNATION ~ Power, energy, protection. Fascination, admiration.

DAMIANA ~ Strong ingredient for lust spells. Love, psychic visions.

KATRIFAY ~ Fortifying, for aiding and restoring of physical strength.

YLANG YLANG ~ (also known as Cananga) Strongly sensual, attraction, attention, irresistibly, soothes marital problems. Aphrodisiac, mood balancing, relaxation.

CISTUS aka LABDANUM ~ One of the oldest known perfume ingredients. Considered holy, used in tribute, and as a sense-memory tool to stimulate the subconscious. Said to revive long forgotten memories and feelings.

BASIL ~ Creates empathy between couples; love, fidelity. Invigorates, protection. Mends quarrels.

JAMAROSA ROOT ~ Stress and fatigue reducer.

MUHUHU ~ Aphrodisiac, grounding and relaxing.




...welcome to our olfactory spa, with an alluring sensual unisex fragrance featuring a blend of essential oils, extracts and attars known for promoting the qualities of love, lust, fertility, sensuality, success and happiness: Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood and Vetiver, given a soft sweet swirl of Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Oleo Resin. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now and let Desire lead the way.


PATCHOULI ~ Soothes and uplifts; sensual, sexually stimulating, lust, fertility, money. Meditative and transforming.

AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.

SANDALWOOD ~ Love, exotic, sensual atmospheric; aphrodisiac. Healing, spirituality, exorcism.

VETIVER ~ Enhances perception of beauty. Love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking.

VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.




...welcome to our olfactory spa, with a fresh uplifting unisex fragrance featuring a blend of essential oils known for promoting the qualities of focus and mental clarity, confidence, calm, healing and purification: Eucalyptus, German Blue and Roman Chamomiles, Australian Tea Tree, Peppermint, Cypress, Rosemary, Cedar, and Lavender. Breathe in and out, center yourself in the here and now, today is the day in which you will accomplish whatever you resolve.


CHAMOMILE ~ Prosperity, calming & soothing. Love, peace, meditation.


PEPPERMINT ~ Stimulates, restores and uplifts. Cleansing, purification, relaxation, sleep, healing, psychic amplifier.

LAVENDER ~ Soothes/ restores body and mind. Arouses sexual desire in men, loyalty, purification, protection, healing. Third eye chakra, spiritually uplifting.

ROSEMARY ~ Intellectual stimulation, purification, love, sensuality, wards against dark forces, invigorating.

CEDAR ~ Confidence inducing, balancing, grounding, energizing, money, healing, protection, purification.


Created by: Mara Fox

Descriptions: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Mara Fox

Fragranced Hydrating Waters collection, January 2013

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