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I'm lucky to have scored this off the trades after it's had a chance to age. Now lemongrass, of course, could overwhelm anything, but I can't even pick it out on my skin. I'm sure Mara used a delicate hand, but I think it's just faded in the mix. I can't pick out the grapefruit either, there's just a light cheeriness to the blend. When wet, I get a blast of cocoa butter, but quickly settles into vanilla and honey with a patchouli chaser. I get why it's called Gold, it's warm, sunny, with a touch of sparkle. Its the perfect "let's go for a walk," on a perfectly sunny but not too hot day. NOT a hike. A short walk for some refreshment. I'm having a bery lazy day, and my goal is only the corner store, but it's sunny and I smell fabulous.

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