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My sister and bff gave me a few weeks before my interest would wane in pheromones :huh: I’m happy to be here still because they’re right! It’s not often we’re able to take on new interests. So hard to find the time, life is very busy! Two months into using pheromones, my outlook has a ways to go. Present day, I don’t have qualms using LPs around friends and family because they knew and loved me in my UN-phero’d state :rolleyes:Any new people introduced in my life won’t be spared the joy of knowing the ‘UN’ me :lol2:


By way of LPs, no one will be spared :love: When it comes time to tweak or enhance behavior to illicit a better outcome for all involved, I’ll use an LP without reservation. I love this LPMP statement used in some of the product descriptions “…and for making people act a little nicer around the wearer…for their own good. ;)” That’s what hooked me and will have me stay awhile :wink2:

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