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Mega Watt- Unscented Phero Blend for Women

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Everytime I wear this in a more one-on-one social scenario, I get stared at lol I feel like they're trying to figure out where I get all this energy to be peppy at that particular moment. I'm a light bulb going off the charts and that's what they're staring at.


Definitely my experience with this too.


I've been using this more frequently for when I need that boost. There are occasional special group meetings I have to have for work and I usually wear this for those.

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Mara suggesting this for my acting. I remember my lines much better while studying, and preform with lots of energy. It makes my anxiety go to zero. And I have a lot of lines to




I have also been using this with a couple stripes of LFN, while on stage (thanks OceanJewel for the idea!),


since I'm out of my precious Cougar & LFM, that make me feel phenomenal, until my package arrives in a couple days.


I have to say the LFN really works well with the Mega Watt, for my confidence. I preformed my best show ever last night. Lots of laughs and applause from the audience.


I'm definitely going FB on Mega Watt for my next order.


I usually don't mix my pheros, but wow! This certainly worked.


I'm so grateful I found this forum and I feel my life is so much better with these products.

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I think I might order some Mega Watt this week cause... I really think I have EFD and I don’t really know if I feel like going through trial and error with pills/medicine quite yet... Like I have all these ideas, and have the desire to complete tasks but I I’m severely lacking focus to complete it. (Like the article down further says, if there’s no consequence to me not completing shit there’s no motivation). An old example ever since high school when I had an essay due, I’d always do it the night before. I know I need to read the material, I know I need to write down an outline, I know I need to write a rough draft, I know I need to revise and edit, I know I need to make a final and read over it to make sure it’s complete without errors.... But I don’t. Why is that? I have plenty of time after other homework to do it why not do it then? I honestly can’t tell you why I’ve only been able to bang out an essay wheather it’s 2 pages or 8 in about 2-3 hours consistently. And I’d make As/Bs on those papers EVERY TIME. I think I specifically have executive dysfunction (EFD), which can commonly be found in those with ADHD/ADD but not one in the same. (https://www.additudemag.com/what-is-executive-function-disorder/)The only reason idk if I have ADD/EFD or not is because my therapist told me that unless I’m laymen’s terms it’s “life impending condition” my insurance won’t cover the testing... Anyways when it comes to PoC and mental health testing we don’t get properly diagnosed like our white counterparts. (Not tryna be racial just spitting facts) And girls get misdiagnosed in general overall. 


So after reading these comments with women with physical and mental aliments I definitely would love to try this potion out! I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that it works for me! And giving me a little creative boost/edge wouldn't hurt either. 

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So I got my lovely order today and this bad boy came in with it! Omfg where have you been all my life Mega Watt?? :love-you: I swear if I had this in high school I know I would have made straight A's instead of A's and B's... Like, I'm currently in school for a degree I don't passionately desire but my grandmother want's me to go and get a trade of some sort. So this is going on my Sophomore year and freshman year was kind of rough juggling school and work. And one class I've had to take twice is Anatomy, It's now going on my third time. First time I had a teacher who couldn't teach the way I could comprehend, second time I found a teacher that could teach but had 3 other labor intensive classes, and now I just don't have any desire at all even with the right teacher and only taking this class but I digress... So I haven't been studying at all for this class when it comes to the lecture portion, because It's just sensory overload for me and I just get overwhelmed. And of course tutoring Is during the hours and days I work during the week, and a small study session thats held after my 4 hour class is definitely out of the question with my burnt out attention span. 


So I was thinking to myself.... "How am I ever going to study shit I don't want to in the big bad real world if I 'have' (forced) to? Or even with simple things I really want to do but just can't get over my restlessness?" So I stumbled upon this thread and had read all of the reviews and my brain screamed "GOTTA HAVE IT." So I wait the next week or two on edge waiting to hear about the arrival of my package. I knew it'd come today thats why I skipped class - don't worry she has the same class tomorrow. So I leave the house with my laptop and backpack with my anatomy books and head to the library. They ran out of study rooms but the lady was kind enough to offer me the group meeting room. So I sit down and tell myself, "You will be on your computer with the intention of doing Anatomy only, anatomy only." And sprayed my wrist, face, and space in front of me and went to work. I started at 5:11 PM and before you know it, it was hitting 6PM... I didn't really set a goal/expectation because I didn't want to set myself up for failure. But if I had a goal an hour of solid studying, with minimal mind chatter was it. I (I = my self control) CAN NOT For the life of me sit down for one FULL SOLID hour and study boring shit. I would have taken ten 5 minuet breaks, scrolled on the forums, been on facebook... My ass would have been restless - literally my ass starts hurting - even though I can sit on my ass all day on facebook or anything else. I'm so happy this worked out for me... I'm just shook. I'm so glad Mega Watt was an investment well spent. I started teetering off around 7:30 I think reality crept in that I will not know everything on this damn lecture I need to. Even though I studied today I haven't studied all week so me studying tonight won't amount to what I need to know for my lecture exam. But the best thing I can do is to use this every damn day going forward. :lol:

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