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  2. Clean, fresh, alluring, uplifting. A confidence builder that gives off an air of success and designed to draw people and opportunity towards you. Prominent notes are Citrus and Greens. For both Men and Women. Created by: Description: Label art: Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010
  3. A Popularity Potion for Kids & Adults Who Work with Kids Created by: Label art: 2006
  4. Wearing this today, it's really lovely. I'm not a floral gal, so it won't be a FB purchase, but I am enjoying my trial. I might save the last of it for a visit to my BIL's cabin in Idyllwild, CA. It seems perfect for a late summer day of doing nothing but laying in a hammock, watching birds and squirrels, and wondering what's for dinner.
  5. Heady blossoms of Tahitian Gardenia melded with the luxurious sensuality of island Vanilla and rich Thai Coconut. Powdery Jamaican Sugar Cane adds a touch of sweetness, while silky sheer White Musk caresses the skin and enhances your own natural allure. Created by: Mara Fox Label art: July 2009
  6. It's back! Limited Quantity ~ The ORIGINAL Native Soil™: Dark Sandalwood, Cinnamon, and Resins. This is a Protection Potion, with a very sexual context. Just as a Vampire must sleep with a bit of his native soil for protection, this Spell Potion too is designed to keep unwelcome elements out of your circle and away from where you lay your head at night. Created by: Danna Taylor Label art and name: Mara Fox September 2008
  7. I was doing research for one of my stories about Egyptian funereal rites and spells of the afterlife. I discovered that the ingredients used in the ritual of mummy stuffing was actually quite a lovely combination, also used as offerings to the Gods, and to perfume ancient homes, temples, and even Cleopatra's barge. Created by: Label art: 2006
  8. A Mood-Elevating Watery Floral for Women Wild Honeysuckle and Night Blooming Jasmine waft on the Ocean Breeze, combined with the smell of fresh Earth, Watery Greens and the subtle scent of Citrus Trees. Created by: Mara Fox Label art: 2006
  9. This is really just what is says it is - a money potion. The difference is that I researched the ingredients from a different aspect - a water aspect. I didn't want this to be a spicy potion like traditional money oils, and instead based it upon Egyptian water plants. This potion is based around the magical/traditional notion of young plants growing to fruition, building wealth. It's a very green yet woodsy potion, designed to stimulate the mind and stir the soul. This potion inspires the wearer to creatively employ their natural strengths to build wealth in their lives. Created by
  10. Have you tried Mount Pleasant? It's got similar qualities.
  11. I third that observation. I've noticed that it definitely has some staying power. Not a bad thing since it smells so nice.
  12. It is "sticky" so to speak - that's one of the ways in which Adam's Nectar reminds me of the original SUPER for Men.
  13. My man wanted me to note that Adam's Nectar lasts and lasts....
  14. Trying to summon the summer, so I'm wearing Celebutante today. Got really a lot of compliments! 😀 I would love a glamour potion like that...coconut, lemon grass, grapefruit...yum!!! Hopefully there will be something similar this summer!!! ❤❤❤
  15. I created this potion using a mouth watering combination of fresh Peaches, Pears, Honeydew, Mango, Apricot plus a tiny smidge of Pineapple, Apple and Coconut and more. All of the ingredients are known for their Aphrodisiac qualities, as well as being symbols of Fertility and Creativity. Created by: Mara Fox Label art: 2006
  16. Love Potion®: #3 was created as a matched set, so that adoring young couples could wear them together and they would blend and compliment each other beautifully. These are youthful, playful, sweetly delicious and evoke the need to kiss the wearer immediately and repeatedly! Created by: Mara Fox Label art: "Springtime" by Pierre-Auguste Cot 2006
  17. A potion for friendship and innocent crushes; darling, youthful and fresh. Contains a group of sweet 16 attraction ingredients to draw friendship, and evokes the exciting first blush of young love. Top notes are Watermelon and Cantaloupe, rounded out with Sweet Pea, Daffodil, Hyacinth, Honeysuckle, Orchid, Lotus Blossom, Apricot and English Ivy, and after long wear dries down to the innocent aroma of baby powder. Created by: Label art: 2006
  18. For any guys reading this, I think you would find this to be a scent that most of us guys will really enjoy. It's very work appropriate in that clean, fresh way. If only that lemongrass/lemon top note lasted just a bit longer! I agree completely with @luna65 on this scent, though. This is a great daywear scent that could go from work to play very easily. Also, the MVP phero blend is a very easy to wear blend. It will put a slight VIP spotlight on the wearer and ensure that people want to get closer to you and follow your leader.
  19. What would squished fairies smell like? Well, like this blend! Created by: Mara Fox Label art: 2007
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  21. Eastwood22

    Soul Cakes

    It’s AMAZING. You’ll love it.
  22. True! I was thinking vanilla, Amber and honey! Lol It has that specific LP signature scent to it though was what I meant. It's just creamy and delicious.
  23. Vika

    Soul Cakes

    I still have yet to try that one and I read the great reviews on it! I'll check it out! Thank you!
  24. I had this on layered with LP Pink yesterday and someone by my desk took a deep inhale. Lol I love this stuff which makes it hard to refrain from slathering but I only use a tiny bit and it's still effective.
  25. A bright mélange of grapefruit and red currant, with the fizzy sparkle of champagne, the zing of ginger, and a sweet blessing of pink sugars... focus your vital energy on what you desire, and release the wish into the universe so that it may come true! Created by: Mara Fox Description: Julie (luna65) Label art: September 2010
  26. My man wore this yesterday and it was so good that I decided I wouldn’t wear any scent myself, so as not to interfere. True story.
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