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    I can’t stop wearing this. I tried to compare a few things with French lavender, putting on a few spots and sniffing away. The main impression that I’m now walking away with is that I shouldn’t have gotten Tickle Tickle in my mouth. LP’s in mouth = bad times. How many times must I learn this lesson? I call BS. My lips are tingly. About the Gogo, it morphs over the course of the day to something deeper/ more sophisticated than I had originally thought. Maybe it’s the Amber? I dunno. Hard to think with my lips on fire.
  3. 🙂 Oh, that’s very sweet! Aaah, that makes A LOT of sense! I ‘ll have to remember to only wear it when I know I’m going to be around people. I think I like the sound of that! I sure hope he’s sprung! Well the hard part is going to be waiting a month. Wish I could see him more often to speed this up a bit. I will definitely keep posting updates here - I’m always wondering when I read old posts to what ended up happening. Since I have a month until I see him, I plan to continue to experiment with TH and H&S and maybe a few others, so I also post some of those experiments as well.
  4. Hi! Been keeping up with your story! Regarding the TH and feeling sad- This makes sense to me as it is about connection, and if there's no one to connect with, you'd feel more alone. I think I've also experienced this. Could be a kind of imprinting, or just his feelings about you are having a carryover effect! Ha! He's sprung. I'm glad you said a month. Keep us updated!
  5. So, just to follow up in case anyone is reading this, I went with Open Windows for my meeting with Mr. Wonderful. The meeting went well - there was not any awkwardness or stress or uneasiness (as I feared there might be). He was extremely attentive and kind to me. Also, lots of eye contact and quite a bit of emotion in his eyes, but I can’t say exactly what was going on in his head. He seemed at times like he was still under the influence of the Perfect Match. Can PM do that? Does it have a carryover effect? Or did that one dose cause some imprinting to happen? At one point when he was handing me a file, his hand gently brushed mine. I hope that is a good sign! So, we still only talked about the project and still no date. But, at one point, he carefully looked down and said that we were at a point in the project where we could extend the time between meetings to two months instead of once a month. In a very clear, careful and neutral tone (with his head down so I couldn’t see his face or his reactions) he said that it was up to me to decide when we should meet again - either in one month or two months (in the past he was always the one deciding when we would meet again). He said he was okay with whichever I decided. Well, of course I said one month! Silly. He keep his head down and said in the same neutral tone, “I do not want to feel like I am forcing you to come so often.” At the end of the meeting, he was again looking in my eyes and he said that if I need anything I should call him and he would do whatever I need (I am assuming he means project related, but still...). So, next month, I ‘m going to try Perfect Match again.
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  7. Oh but YOU have had a definite hand in those fast-moving sales, my dude. You are this fragrance's best promoter, and of course you would be, right?
  8. Just a heads up, on the Etsy site, both 2019 and 2020 Adam’s Nectar are in the Going Going Gone section.
  9. That's awesome! And very cool you made your own blend. It's just that the ladies talk about self effects but I rarely read the men chiming in on the ones they wear in that regard. As a male, do you personally get selfies from the blends? Of course SWS and OW but I was curious about the more sensual/sexual type selfies.
  10. My wife always has a very positive reactions to Mark's MILF Magnet or The Love God but I did make them specifically for our relationship.
  11. halo0073


    This a rare s’mores, wood fire, smokey woodsy I can wear. Chocolate and marshmallow blast when wet which is so nommy. Then the nutmeg, cedar and vanilla come in and anchor and ground everything. Really smooth not a sharp edge in sight. I probably will save this for a little cooler weather and I can’t wait!
  12. This is a true jasmine note! This is very light and airy but womanly because of the Jasmine. This would also be another good date night scent
  13. So, I experimented again with the Heart & Soul at last week’s work lunch. I would have used Treasured Hearts, but it had not yet arrived. As expected, Mr. Wonderful did not show up. I am pretty happy with the effects that I got with H&S - everyone at the lunch seemed to be having a great time. People were very chatty and open - there was some light hearted office gossip going on, which I found interesting since usually people are a bit more guarded with their gossip. One of the new hires kept looking over at me with kind of an awed look similar to the way the vet’s assistant had looked at me. Also, one very gruff and abrasive male coworker was extremely nice to me - He is never that nice! And one of my other coworkers insisted on helping move some boxes and was really sweet about it. Normally I would have to beg him to help me. H&S seems to be a great social to wear to a party/event. I didn’t get the same self effects that I get from Open Windows though. Open Windows always makes me feel happy, open and maybe a little giddy. H&S made me feel content and happy to watch everyone else have a nice time - not a bad thing, just different. The Treasured Hearts arrived that evening, so I gave it a try this weekend when I went out shopping at the mall. Probably not the best test as I didn’t really speak to anyone except for sales clerks. I didn’t notice any thing unusual in the way anyone treated me. The thing was I had the self effect of feeling really depressed after wearing it for a while. I may have used too much or maybe it just amplified my already sad feelings into depression. So, I tried TH again last night at a networking event. I used less and thankfully this time it did not cause depression. Several people who I have not seen in a long time all told me that I looked great and they stuck around to have nice conversations with me. That was quite pleasant. Also, my former crush was there - let’s call him Mr. Confused. He is always nice to me and talks with me when I see him, but I guess I got “friend zoned” with him some time ago. Anyway, he came over to talk with (as he normally would), but he seemed a little more attentive than normal. Anyway, not holding my breathe on him! The effects for TH were nice, but maybe subtle. So, tomorrow is the day that I see Mr. Wonderful again. I am still debating whether I should use Open Windows or Treasured Hearts. They each have their advantages. The main thing I want out of this meeting is for Mr. Wonderful to feel comfortable with me and to not be spooked. I’m leaning towards Open Windows since it seems to also help me to stay more relaxed & open. Also I don’t feel like I’ve tested TH enough to fully understand it’s effects. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Wonderful will have to ask me to visit him again in two weeks (due to some project related issues), so hopefully I can try Perfect Match with him then - depending on how tomorrow’s meeting goes, of course. I totally love Perfect Match!
  14. I know it's hard to do a rebrew since many of the ingredients that go into these are long gone, but if items that smell close to these ever come back, I would love and incarnation of any of these... Pizzazz Allumette Absinthe of Malice Black Panther Pallas with Lumina
  15. Vika


    When I first smelled this it was definitely reminiscent of whisker wishes but it’s such a yummy fresh peachy scent. I combined it with Aja yesterday and it became a little denser not as light. I’ll try it on its own again because it smells good that way too! I would also try this with Noco white under it for that vanilla peach combo like peaches and cream!
  16. Vika


    Coming back to say that now that this has had a few days to settle, it’s perfect! It just smells like cake with a hint of floral and it’s super light not heady at all! Beautiful!
  17. Eastwood22


    To put this gourmand lavender into perspective, for Liebchen lovers like myself, this is not as deep as Liebchen, it’s more like Liebchen’s beautiful younger cousin who’s visiting for the summer. On me, it wears much lighter. I could see this being suitable for any daytime occasion, whereas I wouldn’t go out in Liebchen on a very hot summer day. Gogo is for when you want your beauty to appear effortless. Liebchen is more like “yeah, I know what I’m doing. Of course you want me.” Gogo lets them think it’s all their idea.
  18. No, it’s good. He could barely keep his eyes open during the basketball game he had saved to watch. I knew it was a longshot! He’s one of those people, once they’re asleep, they’re deeply asleep. And he’s a champion at napping, like it’s his superpower. I’m not a good sleeper so I find it admirable! I can smell it still, he smells expensive. Very high class!
  19. He is already asleep! Might have to try this experiment again tomorrow.
  20. Now I’m intrigued. Sex on the Beach! I looked up “Cashmeran,” that never helps. I’ll put it on him tonight! ETA- I smelled it in the vial and instantly got the cashmere effect! On him, still wet, he smells like an expensive present. 🎁
  21. This is really sweet and delicious, with no cops smell, even when wet. In the beginning the banana is in the forefront, but after an hour or so, it adds to the creaminess of the coconut and vanilla. I don't detect any cinnamon at all and I usually amp it. This is a perfect summer perfume, which I intend to use during the daytime as well even though I don't usually wear cops out and about. Love it! ❤
  22. Comparing this with Cuchi Head, I would say the only difference is the banana is a bit sharper in Kiki, because it's "fresh" so to speak. Cuchi Head is more a total blended experience (which is an effect of aging), but they're both gorgeously creamy, summer coconut vibes. So anyone who loved CH would love Kiki too, IMO.
  23. Absolutely. I don’t understand how some people can so easily pick and choose which trials they want from each release. I just need them all, and I need to (mostly) try them all. There are occasional rebrews that I know aren’t for me, and I’m happy to pass them along to friends, but I always at least smell them in the vial! You never know. A minor tweak can change everything.
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