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  2. Back to bang on tediously yet again about how LFM makes people bend over backwards for you. I was wearing a little spritz, spread on tummy with forearm, of homemade spray of LP Original flavored LFM, which is, I’m going to guess, at least 7 years old? Probably older. I think it’s from the very first ever batch of LFM, so however long ago that was. Proving the quality and longevity of LP pheros is above and beyond. ETA ok I looked it up and this is LFM that I received in FEBRUARY 2012!!! Went to a new doctor. We talked about what I needed. He said I had to make a separate appointment to get measured for the thing … which is a COMPLETE MONEY GRAB for a second visit charge and copay, as you’ll see in a moment. He made a clearly well rehearsed absurd excuse about why we couldn’t just do the measurement right there. I sighed and said oh I wish I’d known to ask for the measurement before I made this appointment. He had made to leave so he was by the door. I was sitting on the exam table and I scootched forward to get the LFM closer to him and randomly flailed my pheroed arm at him. 😂 I did not get up - decided to wait for the LFM to kick in. He stared off into space for about 15 seconds and then said “Hang on a minute.” He went out to the front and had a long conversation with her front desk, then came back, having made an exception to their usual process for me. The measurement took - no exaggeration - less than a minute. Still, no one can convince me that the LFM is not what changed his mind - saving me not just money but the pain in the ass of making another appointment in the middle of a busy workday. AND THROUGH HIS MASK NO LESS!!
  3. Mara, thanks so much and so happy to hear that you are going to have a sale this year....
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  5. greenappletart


    Wet this is all sweet smoke. It really does smell like a campfire with roasting marshmallows. It's really nice. I think it's more of a hanging out and chilling fragrance. It's too smoky to really feel work appropriate, even if it's sweet smoke. It smells like you've been sitting next to a campfire, with the smoke permeating your clothes. There's something adding a touch of coolness, adding to the impression of having been out on a cool night next to a campfire or fire pit. Far more smoky than some of the other s'more scents. As others have said, this is a good autumnal scent, despite being in the summer collection. Definitely comfy and cozy. I'd love to try layering it with an apple, or other fruit, scent. I know I keep describing it as smoky, but it's a woodsmoke scent, not a cigarette type smoke. After 15 minutes, the sweet notes start to differentiate and you can pick out the chocolate and vanilla more clearly. (And something that is giving me amber vibes. Not sure what, though.) An hour later, some of the sweetness has died down and I get a roasted aspect. Not necessarily coffee, but like the roastedness of coffee. (I do realize I keep saying, "Not thing X, but LIKE thing X." LOL. Not sure if it's my nose or descriptions that more work, but in the meantime it's all about the vibes.) By three hours in, it is more chocolate. A straight up food type of chocolate. Somewhere in between milk and dark chocolate. Sort of how milk chocolate with almonds tastes slightly less sweet than regular milk chocolate. Like that, but without the almonds. (Told ya. Vibes.) Overall, a scent that is cozy and relaxed while still being fun. Much like a s'more itself.
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  7. Citrine, I have been so busy since I got promoted that I never came back to say thanks for the congrats on my promotion.
  8. I would love something with Lace, Mega Watt, Stone Cougar, and Classy Dame
  9. Hi @Potion Master! Can you please tell me how many forum credits I have? Thanks ever so much...
  10. A scent with cinnamon and allspice + Mega Watt would be nice, uplifting...
  11. It's killing me that I can't find my sweet spot with MW. I think UN is really not working for me. I have those days of the month and applied a little UN MW, but during the day I got super sad. 🤯
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  13. Well, I just went to see what Conjurer smelled like again, but stopped when I saw I had it boosted with The Love God! So, that’s my answer, Love God. But, what I also found was (in BF’s perfume box #2) multiple unopened Pherotines that I’ve bought him! So I just secretly spiked his LP Samhain, 2017 Cloven Sand, Crown Jewels, and Lumine d'Terra with The Love God! Shhhh. Don’t tell. Tomorrow I just might sneak around with that unopened Charisma that I saw.
  14. Not yet. Life, err finances got in the way. Still on my wish list to get, though.
  15. I do hope there will be a scent w/LFN...
  16. citrine

    Cauldron Cake

    Thank you for your suggestions! I'll definitely get a 10:31 sample, I think this is still available. Thanx @Eastwood22!
  17. As someone who overly amps allspice, I’d have to recommend that you keep an eye out for both 10:31 w/Magnet-Halloween 2019 and Z-Day from Halloween 2018! They’re both really beautiful and enticing. I had to trade away my Z-Day because of what my skin can do with allspice, but I’ll be keeping the 10:31 forever.
  18. androstenol

    Sang Real

    My 10 year old bottle of Sang Real has aged unnnnbelievably well. Like a fine wine, this concoction is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It glows, it pulses. It is seductive, otherworldly. Spicy berries play in a deep bowl of sacred red liquid. Excellent for ritual, for meditation, for exploring your hidden desires. I've asked for a rebrew- here's hoping !
  19. I second Bridgid's Amber, it was lovely. Would love a rebrew of Sang Real, although there will likely be a berry-currant type offering in the Weenies and I can go with the flow on that. Thanks for your consideration !
  20. Silicone is no longer offered by LPMP I don’t believe. DPG is oil. If you have perfume by LPMP and it is in a roller bottle, then it is oil (dpg). You can follow the directions posted earlier in this thread if you want to turn an oil based perfume into a spray. The ratios of alcohol to oil are listed above. Silicone and alcohol will not mix. It will turn cloudy, and need to be shaken each time before applying. Here are some helpful links Read carefully what PotionMaster wrote in the links below. Everything you’re asking about is there. Lastly, both the forum site, and the online store for LPMP have gone through upgrades, and complete new builds. Therefore, some older links no longer work.
  21. Hi, Kimi! I love the perfume named after you!
  22. I would love a rebrew of The Perfumed Whisker!
  23. @Eve Sneaky Clean is truly lovely. I also picked up a sample of Mahaelani with Lumina and I like it quite a bit too. The more I wear Lumina the more I think I like it - at least for the self effects. I Still haven’t been able to wear it around many men to see how it effects them. But, I think I got a hit with it yesterday at the grocery store! A guy approaching from the other direction kept looking at me and as he passed by me, he gave me a very gentlemanly nod and then directly looked in my eyes. Okay, he wasn’t particularly sparkly- eyed, but still... Have a big meeting on Friday, so I’ll try it out there and maybe I can get a better feel for how it will work on men. One more week until I see Mr. Wonderful!
  24. What is dpg and what is Silikon? Have everyone a example? I have my Fragrance spray and I want put Pheromon Oil in my fragrance bottle. Maybe 20 dropes in my 10 ml bottle. Is my Pheromon Oil a dpg or Silikon? Is my Fragrance Alkohol a dpg or Silikon?
  25. What can I say... I am what I am haha!
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