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  1. I just put this on for the first time. This is a spectacularly gorgeous Summer, tropical scent. I love it! There isn't even a hint of cop smell either which is great. Very coconuty-banana. I'm glad that I ordered a full bottle.
  2. I'm wearing mine right now. Right now I'm getting a powdery rose scent. I don't detect chocolate, patchouli or anything else...but it's still beautiful. I'm interested to see how this morphs. Nice scent
  3. Pursestan

    Katerina Suit

    I just got mine today. Rich, smoky chocolate with a hint of leather. This is sexy. I put this on and immediately felt sexy and tingly in all of the right places. Like a sexy secretary who is planning to seduce the boss....short, tight skirt, partially unbuttoned silk blouse and 5 inch heels....sitting on the edge of a big, mahogany desk, legs crossed....licking my lips. That kind if sexy. This is a total win!
  4. I plan to purchase some other items so I can pay at one time. I'd definitely like some EOW added to the bottle. How does the Gift Cert work? That's a new one for me. Thanks! :-)
  5. Mara. will you be sending out invoices like last time? Thanks.
  6. ^^ Mara, do you think that "Rebecca's Dominance in Pink" could handle a boost with EOW? If so, I'd like to add that to mine.
  7. May I get a bottle of "Rebecca's Dominance in Pink," please? Thanks.
  8. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SCENT!!!! I have it on again today. WHY can't this be permanent? WHY can't I have another bottle? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  9. Me too! LOL. I have to honestly say that this is my favorite LP scent thus far. I love all of the deep, dark scents, but this is on an entirely different level for me. I usually don't like Spring/Summer scents, regardless of who makes them, which makes this time of the year boring for me perfume-wise. This was hit right out of the ballpark. I love it.
  10. Lol @ Lady Victoria! Anyhow, this scent is awesome. I think that I've found my signature scent for the Summer. Just lovely. Wow.
  11. So Mara, is there more of Lady V's Sweet Little Pussy Cat? I got my bottle and it's PURRRFECT. I might need a second bottle. Let me know!
  12. This stuff should be patented and an IPO should be issued. I'd totally buy stock! I wore this today and I saw it working it's magic all day. I mean, I could seriously see when it "hit" people. Amazing.
  13. Got it! I know that it's early, but how will these be ready around the same time as the new July releases? If so, may I just pay all at once in July (It's highly unlikely that I won't find something that I want in July)? Let me know. Thanks.
  14. I'm wearing this today. It does smell like gingerbread. I like it. It would spell nice with OCCO red.
  15. I tried this one out. It was very juicy and yummy, but then it disappeared. My skin ate it in about an hour. I'm premenstrual so that's probably why. I need to try again next week.
  16. I wore this one today. Nice scent. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but that's okay. That said, pheros that are SUPPOSED to be social very rarely work as such on me anyhow, so that's definitely nothing new. LOL.
  17. Mara, I would like my Round 2 brew of Sweet Little Pussycat to be oil with no add ons. Are you going to invoice once it's done or do we have to just keep an eye out on this thread? Thanks!
  18. I'm definitely in for round 2 of Sweet Little Pussycat. Thanks so much!
  19. Pursestan


    I just got my package today and have had this one on for about an hour. It smells like cherry in the bottle. When I first put it on I smelled some chocolate. Now it smells like extra sweet patchoulli + bourbon vanilla on me. I absolutely adore it. It just smells different that what I was expecting. I can see it becoming a fave though.
  20. I still want this LP so if Mara doesn't have any bottles I'd love to get some Pussy from you on the side!
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