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  1. I just got mine today.


    Rich, smoky chocolate with a hint of leather. This is sexy.

    I put this on and immediately felt sexy and tingly in all of the right places. Like a sexy secretary who is planning to seduce the boss....short, tight skirt, partially unbuttoned silk blouse and 5 inch heels....sitting on the edge of a big, mahogany desk, legs crossed....licking my lips.



    That kind if sexy.

    This is a total win!

  2. I think it can handle around 12 drops per bottle. :)


    Whatever is most convenient for you is fine with me. I can send an invoice or you can purchase along with your other items using a Gift Cert. Would you like me to send you an invoice?

    I plan to purchase some other items so I can pay at one time. I'd definitely like some EOW added to the bottle.

    How does the Gift Cert work? That's a new one for me.


    Thanks! :-)

  3. Omg I would have died laughing if you would have said it Liz!


    Me too! LOL.


    I have to honestly say that this is my favorite LP scent thus far. I love all of the deep, dark scents, but this is on an entirely different level for me. I usually don't like Spring/Summer scents, regardless of who makes them, which makes this time of the year boring for me perfume-wise. This was hit right out of the ballpark. I love it.

  4. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!! Smooth and creamy coconut musk! About an hour in, I get the whipped cream with a hint of the ylang ylang. This is drop-dead sexy and sooooo delish! Love it. :Emoticons04235:


    This is the perfect description! Holy Smokes! I've been huffing my arm for the past 2 hours.

    I LOVE THIS! I want to make love to my arm. YUM!

  5. Ok, I just finished invoicing everyone on this thread.


    Waiting to hear about that one split bottle.


    Take your time paying your invoice, no rush.


    Thanks everyone!


    Got it!


    I know that it's early, but how will these be ready around the same time as the new July releases? If so, may I just pay all at once in July (It's highly unlikely that I won't find something that I want in July)? Let me know.


  6. I just got my package today and have had this one on for about an hour. It smells like cherry in the bottle. When I first put it on I smelled some chocolate. Now it smells like extra sweet patchoulli + bourbon vanilla on me. I absolutely adore it. It just smells different that what I was expecting. I can see it becoming a fave though.

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