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  1. Sorry to offend, but it's my opinion and my personal experience so I'll stick to it. We can agree to disagree on this subject and still agree that LP perfumes rock!
  2. No offense, but that's my experience (and the experience of most of the other MDs who are working on MBAs that I come across--with all of us being from different areas of the country and institutions). I spend a lot of time trying to reign them back in during meetings. It's money this, money that. But those monetary decisions often directly affect quality of care. If that doesn't apply at your place of business, then kudos. You should bottle the mojo and try to teach it to others in your position. It could be a business opportunity. I'm serious.
  3. Pediatric Anesthesiology. And you're definitely right. There are a million rules that change year-to-year. Plus, people are starting to realize that we actually need clinicians involved in running hospitals, not just people with business degrees (the MBAs know how to run a hospital from the business side, but don't understand the real-life, human side of things). The problem is that they don't teach doctors the business side of medicine in medical school. Hence the push for more MD, MBAs. You really need both sides. Anyhow, enough about that. I want a bottle of Sweet Pussy. Is it really all gone?
  4. LOL. Except that I'm almost done with my MBA and am also part of the administration. I'm part of the growing army of MD, MBA's. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.
  5. Lol. Yeah. It's not that glamorous . It's fun though. LOL. Well, I don't know about all of that....... J/k I have quite a few nurses in my family.
  6. I'm on call tonight so won't be online (ya know, patients first, LOL), but if you you are taking requests I'd like one of the Sweet Pussy Cats. Thanks.
  7. Ummmmmm, WHAT???? Darnit! Now I have to order more stuff. These look phenomenal! LOL! I can always count on you to make me laugh! That said, ummmm, I want one! You know my M.O. when it comes to scents!
  8. When I had my first child my midwife and the lactation consultant showed me a video of this. I wonder if I can find it. It was awesome and strengthened my resolve to breastfeed.
  9. Pursestan


    My husband likes this one. He's told me that he thinks that most of the LP scents smell "weird" but that this one "smells really nice." I guess I'll need to try to procure another bottle of this.
  10. ^ Nice review. I actually wore mine in Friday. I like the scent, but it definitely disappears on my skin after a couple of hours. I'd get an occasional whiff from a small amount that got in my clothes in the morning. CB is definitely a different blend for me (I tend to gravitate more towards the sexy/sultry blends because they are more congruent with my personality.....umm, yeah). Anyhow, people were definitely touchy feely and really....sweet. Both male and female. I had a nurse turn and tell me that my makeup is always so "perfect" and that she and another nurse were just talking about how "pretty" I am. *blush One of the surgeons kept doing things for me and kept hovering around, pulled my chair out, etc. another random person walked over and started giving me a back rub. It was like they NEEDED to care for me. Definitely different, but in a good way. I just wish that the scent lasted longer in my skin. My skin devoured it!
  11. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO ARRIVE! I just want to run around in circles. It just sounds amazing!
  12. Just came straight home and placed an order. LOL. Full bottles: Blackstone Coco Frambuesa Everything Nice OCCO Ambrosia Sweet Chic Sample: LAM Buttercream Peach. So excited!!!!
  13. Pursestan


    I like this scent. It's sweet and juicy with a nice sandalwood base. What's interesting is that it smells like it has some cinnamon in it, so I was surprised to not see it in the ingredient list. I added OCCO Red to mine to help compliment that aspect. So far, this is a winner for me.
  14. Pursestan

    Amazonia Zee

    I just got my sample of this today. I'm still trying to figure it out. It has a tropical vibe, BUT I also get a "perfumey" vibe from it as well. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm going to wear it this weekend without having other scents on.
  15. I haven't worn this in awhile so pulled it out today. I totally forgot how awesome this smells. I love the respect that LFN inspires in people as well. So lovely.
  16. Pursestan


    Okay. I totally missed this review last month. Ummm, I'm totally off to see if this is in stock! Sold!
  17. Can I just say that I'm still in love with this scent? Others seem to love it too. One of the nurses walks up to me today and says "Who smells so good? It's you! Come here! You smell delicious, like high-end coffee and chocolate!!!" I couldn't help but laugh.
  18. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE OCCO White. I just had to get that out of my system. LOL.
  19. Oh yay!!! I logged on just to see if the May releases were up! These look great!
  20. Yeah. So I tried it out after my post earlier. DH was working from home.......he had to take about 2 hour hiatus. I wasn't expecting that! I can definitely tell the difference between Sexpionage sex and SS4W sex. I like both.
  21. What do you ladies think of pairing this with SS4W? I don't usually mix pheros, but I wonder about this one. I've tried this scent several times now (started low and then increased the amount) and get nothing from the phero, but I adore the scent itself so I want to wear it. Like I've said before, it seems to me that pheros that are geared specifically towards social effects don't seem to work well on me, but other items do, SS4W for instance. It seems like a perfect one to pair with this scent.
  22. And it makes other people think that you're great too. I was on call yesterday, so I didn't go in to the hospital until 3pm. From the moment that I walked in I was the Star. Everyone, including my Chairman wanted to chat. I kept trying to leave to do work and he'd find something else to talk to me about and reel me back in. LOL. I could see the moment that the phero hit him. Add in the spike of cops from the Titillating Temptress and he was eating of my hand. This morning, I was sitting between two male colleagues during a meeting and I could tell that it hit them too (at this point I had been wearing it for about 18 hours and I had been at the hospital all night). They both kept trying to chat with me and walk with me after the meeting. One of my senior partner's who's normally a jackhole was unusually nice and chatty. Love this phero.
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