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  1. I'm another "meh" person with Stone Cougar. I actually stopped trying it because of my lack of results. I just think that we are all different body-chemistry wise, so we won't all have the same results. Now SS4W on the other hand gives me hits essentially every time I wear it (like, unmistakable hits that other people have noticed). It is what it is.
  2. I wore this one today on a whim and kept wondering what in the world smelled so great. Then, I realized that it was me. Such a yummy chocolate-covered, cherries and bananas scent to me. The tobacco-y smell is a nice touch.
  3. This one worn with Odalisque is spectacular. The scents are very complimentary.
  4. I can't figure this one out for the life of me. One minute I like it. The next minute I want to wash it off. I'm confused.
  5. Interesting. I wear this to work sometimes, but typically if I'm having an office day instead of being the actual operating room. Now I'm tempted to see what happens.......lol. You ladies are a bad influence!
  6. I'm new to LFN and still feeling it out. However, I can say that the two blends are different for sure. SS4W makes you into the sexy/pretty popular girl. LFN turns me into the sexy, slinky queen (every door is opened for me, men give up seats, etc). As I've mentioned before though, I get that reaction with LFM + cops as well. That's why I need to use it more to see if I can detect any differences on me.
  7. Can I just say again that I LOVE this phero? I wore this today coupled with Titillating temptress and OCCO Red (I always wear cops). Anyhow, I walked into a building this morning, strolling towards my destination. I saw several people that I knew. The first just HAD to make a silly comment about it being Monday and then after I had passed him I hear him audibly letting out a sigh (you know the the kind when you purse your lips like your going to whistle and let out a breath/sigh?). It was obvious what had just happened and I just giggled. The next man that I saw stopped what he was doing and winked. I went to my seat and this one guy who I've suspected has a mini crush on me gave me the lovey eyes. The man sitting next to me who NEVER speaks actually got up, walked over to me and struck up a conversation. The day went on like this. I couldn't help but smile. A girl needs days like this. Especially when that day is a Monday.
  8. ^^ It's possible that it'll be different. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of the difference [for me] probably comes from the EOW. Cops in ANYTHING pretty much makes me feel really sexy. My LFM is boosted with cops so the only real difference between LFM and LFN is the androstenone. I literally felt the same as when I wear my LFM+cops. I'm wearing SS4W (+ cops, lol) today. I'm going to wear a few different things then go back to LFM, then LFN and see if there's really a difference on me. That said, it's really irrelevant if they are the same on me, since I like the results. I'll just have two bottles of a product that I like.
  9. Hell....YES. I love this so far. I can't wait to see what happens in the next couple of hours. Interestingly, I'm not getting incense. I'm getting a dark, dirty, sweetness. My husband's interest has definitely been peaked.
  10. I've worn this phero for the past two days (yesterday as part of a fragrance--Unbridled-- and today as an unscented phero covered with a separate scent. I really can't tell the difference between this and LFM on me. My LFM is "copped" so it's a little different from LFM on its' own, but that's not the only difference between the two pheros (i.e. believe that LFN has androstenone as well as cops). That said, the phero is fabulous. People treat me like I'm the queen....a sensual, beautiful queen. There's more door opening, men sneaking glances or looking for a little longer than normal, wanting to hang around, etc. I had a man who had his hands full stuggle and almost drop his things to hold the door open for me today. I had another go out of his way to sit next to me at lunch. There were several other hits. All of which are nice...but I get the same thing with LFM. I'm going to test it some more.
  11. So, after a day of wearing this I love it. It morphed into this sweet, perfume smell. Every time that I would catch a whiff I'd end up huffing my arm to get more. Glad that I went full bottle for sure.
  12. I wore this last night. I barely noticed banana out of the bottle (which is fine). What I smelled was jarred, dessert cherries, cinnamon and whipped cream. There was a little chocolatey quality, which I think was the pipe tobacco. The smell was delicious. Glad I went full bottle.
  13. I have this one on right now. This is lovely! It smells like a mochachino. LOVE!
  14. I'm wearing this right now. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I'm usually good with honey, but this one is throwing me off. I'll have to see what it does as it mellows out. I really smell nothing but honey and cinnamon right now.
  15. Welcome rintintin! I'm a Scorpio too. I just ordered LFN. I'm hoping that I love it.
  16. I finally got around to ordering this one. I wear copped LFM and love it. I can't wait to see what happens with this.
  17. I love this phero. It really is one of my faves. It works as a social on women and a lighter attractant for men. What I mean is, it gets their attention, they clearly find you attractive, but you don't get the feeling that they're going to jump your bones at any moment like with sexiopanage (sp?). It makes them smile, become more complimentary and helpful. I need to buy some more.
  18. I can't wait for my package to arrive. I'm in the mood for slathering something yummy.
  19. I'm back! LOL. I ordered full bottles of: LP Black Velvet Kisses UN LFN Buttercream Rose Fragrance water. I'm done until Spring unless I somehow run out of something (which I guess COULD happen with SS4W since I love it so much).
  20. I just got a rollerball of LP black. I think I'm going to have to add a spray bottle to my order. This is LOVE!
  21. Pursestan


    I just got this one in the mail. Love this. I can't even describe what I think it smells like. It's great though.
  22. I just got this in the mail from LV. OMG! I KNEW that I would love this. Definitely one of my favorite scents. I definitely need to boost this with something spectacular.
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