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  1. This one scares me. I might go back and place an order for a sample, but typically "green scents" are no bueno. I'll be waiting for your reviews.
  2. FB ordered of this one too. It sounds heavenly and adding Gotcha is genius.
  3. All over it. Goodness, I spent so much money on LPs this month. Why didn't someone tell me that they're addictive.
  4. Ordered a full bottle of this without hesitation even though I've never worn anything that smells like banana. Just looking at that pic on the bottle makes it worth it!
  5. I just went crazy. Honeyed Love Potion Unbridled Titillating Temptress Under Your Spell Essential Mystique Hydrating Water Bourbon Vanilla Maple Hydrating Water OCCO Black. Seriously, I seriously don't need any more stuff for the rest of the winter!
  6. Cool. I just logged on so must have missed that. Thanks.
  7. I see that the January items are up for sale. Are the February ones going up soon? I'm just asking since I want to order items from both sets and want to avoid placing multiple orders in a short period of time (like I did in December! ).
  8. Oh wow!!!! These look fabulous! I can't wait to read the descriptions! Great job!
  9. Velvet Coffee Cream, you say? Please, and Thank you!
  10. I.Can't.Wait! So much stuff that I want to order already...add new releases to that and I'm about to put a hurting on my wallet.
  11. I'm still loving this scent. I can't help myself. I just keep huffing my arm. The phero is pretty cool too.
  12. Honestly, thus far I've had way more luck with SS4W. I have OBVIOUS hits with this (from a range of ages), whereas with Stone Cougar I'm getting very subtle hits from older men. It seems that other people have a lot of luck with Stone Cougar.
  13. Okay. Now I HAVE to get this. Mascara is one of the 5 things that I'd bring with me if banished to a desert island.
  14. Thanks for the correction. Yes. Black Panther is what I'm interested in.
  15. Now THIS is intriguing. Please keep is posted because I am dying to get my hands on Black Leopard.
  16. I think that I want to just order 1 of everything. Literally. Then I won't feel like I'm missing anything. LOL.
  17. It's fruity on me for the first couple of hours, but if I sniff my arm later it's a floral/fruit mix. I'm wearing this right now (put it on around 730am) and I literally just commented that the scent is so different than this morning. It's still lovely. I find sexology to be an interesting phero too.
  18. La Femme Noir, LP Black, Ebilish if it's available, another bottle of Indecent Exposure and I'm sure something from the January/February releases.
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