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  1. This scent is so gorgeous and sensual in sweet way. I just want to hug and caress MYSELF! Must get back up bottle! Please let there be some left when the new releases come out!!!
  2. Grrrr. I'm annoyed that I didn't jump on this one! Enjoy ladies!
  3. Oh Jeesh! I've never been this excited about perfumes and pheros. This is insane. Come on January 15th!
  4. Ditto. This is why I'm going to continue buying full bottles unsniffed. LOL.
  5. Interesting. When I was wearing SS4W the attention spanned from 30s-50s (the biggest hit being from a man in his 50s). I had lots of hip swinging with this one. With Cougar the couple of possible hits were from older guys (late 40s-50s). I didn't notice any change in my demeanor today. I'm going to try both of them out on consecutive days to really get a feel. I'm definitely game. Everything that I've used has worked really great so far.
  6. Good to know. To me, it seemed like a milder, less sexual version of SS4W. I'm going to have to alternate the two to see.
  7. I wore this today. People were super chatty. I'm not sure if it was the Cougar though since I tend to have people come talk to me all the time. I had a couple of male colleagues who kept hovering around and wanting to chat a little more than usual. They are both15+ years older than me. Interesting. I'll have to test this one out some more.
  8. Ummm, I'm wearing this today. Errrr, the BI is making me feel really randy. Wow. I feel asleep really quickly after testing it the other night. Gonna have to distract the kids and enlist DH for some fun time.
  9. So, the scent definitely goes through phases with this one. It took me several hours before I started to pick up on anything other than spicy, vanila-y tobacco. Then, I could smell some chocolate and spice. I picked up my nightshirt off the floor this morning and could smell everything from the description. LOL. I like the scent a lot though. I also find it interesting how the scent carrier can affect the pheromone. For instance, both Comp Positions and Balls have Sexpionage. CP is instant-sex-in a bottle for DH and I. With Balls, it was a smoldering sexiness/horniness that built up over about an hour-and-a half. The end result was the same, but the time that it took to get there was a little different. Very interesting.
  10. Mara is awesome. I placed 3 orders in less than 24 hours. She could have done 3 separate packages and charged me shipping. Instead, she combined them in one package and shipped Priority. Awesome!
  11. I just put this on after a nice bubble bath. I'm getting spicy, pepper, tobacco and a hint of vanilla. DH picked up on the cocoa and said that it smells like "Mexican Chocolate." Interesting blend. I'll have to see what the next few hours bring. I'm sure that I'll be distracted for awhile though...Sexpionage does things to DH. LOL.
  12. Okay. I finally know what this feels like to me: Sexy, Old Hollywood Glamour (i.e. Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Dorthy Dandrige era). The women had a distinguished, sexy, feminine air about them. They were fabulous. This is exactly how I feel wearing this blend. This also explains my husbands reaction to and description of me today. He's STILL making comments. This is my first time using anything with Sexology. Me likey. Keeper for sure.
  13. I've had this one for about 3+ hours now. I think that on me it's going to wear as a sweet, fruity musk. I like it. DH has commented on how "lovely" I smell several times since I've put it on. It apparently has the effect of me being a perfect lady. LOL. He's commented on my perfect makeup, beautiful/feminine dress and overall femininity today. Please let this still be available when I place my January order. I need a back up bottle!
  14. "Like diamonds." I like that. It definitely has a very high class, expensive feel to it.
  15. This scent is AMAZING. It goes on fruity with a bit of floral at first. It's been about an hour now and the floral is starting to die down some. I have a fruity, musk thing going. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO different than the type of scents that I normally like (I'm typically a vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli type of person). And bonus: DH loves it and actually commented on how nice I smell. He's been telling me how beautiful I am since I put it on. This is definitely a hit!
  16. I wore this last night. Right out of the bottle it smells like bitter dark chocolate. Over the next hour, I noticed a scent like almond liquor start to mingle in with the chocolate. There's also a creaminess that started to develop. I fell asleep after that though so I need to wear it again when I can wear it all day. Very nice fragrance blend.
  17. Now THIS sounds promising. We've been married for almost 12 years and there is an underlying chemistry, but for whatever reason, things always go from 0-60 with us. I want to go from 0-20-40-60. You described exactly what I'm looking for. I have all of the pheros that you mentioned in some form or another except for Open Windows. I'll try to remember to add it to my January order. Thanks!
  18. I guess I'll have to do more experimenting. The problem is that DH isn't affected by the "softer" pheros like SS4W, LFM, Cuddle Bunny (and back in the day, IS/B from androtics). I do get responses from OTHER people with those other blends though. I wore leather a couple of times and, interestingly, had no response. He responds to Comp Positions or plain ole cops. The response is "take your clothes off now!" though. Not a slow build up, which is what I'd like. Essentially, there's no "in between" with us. I have something with BI and Bang coming so we'll see what happens. Otherwise, maybe I'll just have to suck it and deal with our "friends with serious benefits situation." It is what it is.
  19. So there are plenty of threads about getting DIHL looks with certain mixes or mixes that make your man want to go at it like a jack rabbit. However, what mixes have you come across that result in a slow, steady build-up to that "I need you now!" feeling? For instance, lots of people have gotten that DIHL with Cuddlebunny and SS4W (I'm pretty sure that I got it the other day when wearing SS4W). Sexpionage has me having a hair-pulling, bitey good time in 20 minutes flat. I'd imagine that BI would be similar (I'll see soon once USPS stops holding my package hostage). What about something that causes an initial interest that slowly builds to get you to the hot, steamy "let's blow this joint and get to know each other (in the "Biblical way) RIGHT NOW" state. Any ideas or suggestions? Just looking for something a little different.
  20. I can't wait to get this. My package is being held captive by the post office.
  21. Tyvey: Your hits are hilarious! LOL @ turned purple and ran way. The image has me howling over here!
  22. Is this only in regards to LPMP products? I've had really good, consistent results since finding LPMP, but my first DIHL was with another company's product. I was wearing Temptress by MassageXS. I had two things happen that day. First, one of my male colleagues chatted that morning. Then a few minutes later he walked back over to me with a total DIHL look on his face and stood reaaaaaaally close to me (like 6-8 inches from my face). I was talking to someone else at the time and he just stood there wide eyed. I finally asked him if he needed anything and just slowly shook his head "no" and kept staring at me with this wide-eyed look and grin. I eventually stepped back and cracked a joke and he snapped out of it. It was bizarre and amusing at the same time. Later that day a medical assistant looks at me and says "Girl, I didn't know that you had a body like that! If I looked like that I'd be like "pow, pow, pow!" all while shaking her hips and sticking her butt out. I couldn't do anything except laugh. As far as LPMP: With Comp P I get "attacked" by DH almost immediately. Another time, I wore a small amount to bed one night and forgot about it in the morning. I went to work and had guys confessing all kinds of random things to me (about them staring at me because I'm pretty, how they're single, etc). This was 12 hours later. Definitely my favorite blend. With LFM: People go out of their way to perform chivalrous acts (opening doors, giving up their seats, etc). That's always nice. With SS4W: I just a did a review on this one a day or so ago. This one makes me feel like a star. It's always interesting having someone more "powerful" than you eating out of your hand. I have quite a few more blends on the way. I want a nice DIHL. I'm sure that at least one of them will deliver. Those are always amusing.
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