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  1. I tried this one during a time when he was "unsure". Didn't seem to work right then but there was a big turning point at a later time when I tried it again. Might have the accumulative effect. Also, I think it needs to be applied strategically when the time is right because it works when that time comes! Now he's mine all mine!
  2. OMG! My exact sentiments! I tried this for the first time before bedtime last night and the results were awesome for both of us! (of course I didn't divulge my secret!) Yes! I'm smiling broadly too! And so was he even when he kissed me goodbye this morning! Yay!
  3. I've worn it on the back of my neck at night and BF always snuggles close (spooning). Works for me! Caracia
  4. Love this sensual scent of Vanilla and sandalwood with the hint of maple ..... it's like a fine expensive perfume. I can't stop whiffing ...it's just sooooo lovely. Caracia
  5. I've been slathering PM on ever since I received it last week. All I can say is everyone seems to want to hang around and tell me all their stories. Doesn't matter the subject line..... various subjects. The IT repairman sat and told me almost his whole life story and including all his siblings. Usually these guys do their geek work and high tail it back to corporate but he just didn't seem to want to leave. And, Boyfriend's kisses are definitely more passion infused.
  6. Well, I wish I could remember who wrote the book but I don't . I ran across it while surfing books on Amazon.com a couple years ago and read only an excerpt. I've ordered Perfect match and Gotcha ( for reasons listed in my other threads) and will hope to receive them in a day or two. I've asked for La Fem Mystere and Lumina samples too. What do you think? Thank you for all the feedback!
  7. Well, what is BAM and LAM? Some acronyms I can figure out but not these. Remember I'm a newbie... go easy on me. EDIT: OK OK....nevermind... I found the answer.
  8. No, didn't copy / paste....( My own misspellings... I couldn't locate the spell checker). I'm used to a full keyboard so I hunt and peck in this laptop. Sorry for the typos. I just used this quote to bring up the question that's all. I'm not saying I think they aren't just selling something. But I read an excerpt from a book that a doctor wrote about this subject but I can't find the book. Please tell me with what to purchase because I think my attraction hormones/pheromones are needing a boost! And help me find the spell checker. PLEASE. LOL
  9. "Human Pheromones peak around age 18-24....and decline through life from then on. The declining interest of others as we age is more due too our decline in pheromones rather than changes in our physical bodies and our appearance. Thus, to increase our pheromone signature as we move beyond peuberty,we need supplemental pheromones. Smells activate emotions! " I'm certain that this concept (fact) is familiar to all or most of the forum members here but being the newcomer that I am, I'm intersted to know about this. I had read an article about this a long time back and have forever since then wanted to know what to do to replenish these pheromones. So the question being: which lovepotions are the ones we can use to mimic our natural ones when we were in our twenties and so on? You know.... those irresistible attraction ones. Love to know!!! :-)
  10. Creamy vanilla cookies-n-cream at first but immediately goes to something sorta like green tea. Not a good one for me.
  11. Hello, I'm brand new to the LovePotion.com site and new to Pheromones. I've just purchased Empathy & Harmony to try to soothe the air between me & my BF. He says he loves me but says we argue all the time and so he wants to break up. (he works shift and his sleep patterns are snafu). ...always irritable. Of course he blames me. So far, I've been wearing the EH for 2 days now and it seems to have smoothed his feelings a bit and he seems somewhat less quarelsome and snappy. I'm desperate to quell the clash between us and heal the relationship. What potion to use? I read a thread that mentioned 'Return to Me". Is that what will work on this particular situation? If so, Is it still available? BTW: He's 52 and I'm 57. We have been together almost 8 years. We live together but we are not married. Suggestions Please.
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