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  1. I used to smell them right away. This is the first time trying it this way. ^_^


    The scrub smelled nice like Toffee Coffee also it was a good exfolient(?spelling?) without being too rough. I've had some that hurt alot, but this one didn't. It had little bit of coffee grinds in it. I guess they are more gentle.

    You haven't smelled any of them yet? Wow! That's some impressive restraint! I was into my little box before I was back inside my apartment! Lol...


    Was your scrub very scrubby? I'd love to try one of those... And Banoffee Coffee sounds delicious. I don't know if I could trust myself not to eat it.

  2. My WHOO-HOO package has arrived!! So happy!! Thank you Mara for the gifts!



    My SUPER Love Potion Perfume order came today:


    ~1 fl.oz. Perfume Spray~


    Darling Clementine


    ~1/3 fl.oz. Concentrated Perfume Oil~

    Pie in the Sky

    Gothic Xmas 2011


    Abby Normal's Desiccated Brains

    Kanary Kremes


    Whoopsy Daisycake


    ~Sample Sizes~

    Nookie Cookie

    Vamp Cafe

    Banoffee Coffee

    Bayou Musk

    The Smoking Bun


    ~4oz. Sugar & Coffee Scrub~

    Banoffee Coffee



    Give Peas a Chance

    Alabaster Queen

    Breathe Into Me

    Marcy Goldman's Wheat Siren

    Flowers in the Moat

    Man Nip




    Love Potion Perfumes Whoo-Hoo Order by Gingerbread Asylum, on Flickr

  3. Those cupcakes look soooo good! I wish I was good at cooking from scratch. The only thing that's ever turned out halfway good for me, are brownies. ^_^

  4. Aww, this scent didn't work for me.


    Did you ever as a kid, think it would be a good idea to put 10 gumballs in your mouth and chew it up all at once? This perfume smells how that tastes...it's just too sweet for me. :(

  5. That actually rings a bell, Mara. Years and years ago I read through The Joy of Sex, and I remember the author saying that one of the best aphrodisiac/attractants a woman has is her own scent, and suggested that women arouse themselves, and use their own secretions as a perfume to 'lure' their partners. He (she?) used some fancy French word I can't recall at the moment, but I clearly remember the suggestion. It makes a lot more sense now!



    Was it, 'Cassolette'?? :Emoticons0424:

  6. Earlier my husband gave me a new doll, who I named "Clementine." I actually never knew Clementine was a type of orange, until I looked on the internet for other dolls named Clementine (lol), and found this out. Then I started thinking about getting a clementine perfume, so I came here to look first, and there one was for sale!


    I was nervous about getting a pheremone blend at first, because I wondered if it would have a weird lasting scent, but I took the plunge and order a bottle.


    I love it so much. It is such a lovely scent on my skin. I can vaguely smell the oranges but smell the crust/cake? baked scent the most. We (husband and I) were going through a tough time the day I received it and put some on..earlier I was crying. Later I noticed I had a peaceful feeling and felt happier and was smiling a lot, which my husband even noted...I couldn't think why, because there were unhappy events going on. But can the perfume have had anything to do with it? Can the popularity pheremone affect the wearer to make them happier? Maybe it's all a coincidence...but I really loved the perfume and am about to order the spray size bottle! <3

  7. This is about how it smells for me too! Chocolately, then roses but somewhere cookie scent too.... :lol:


    Not bad, it kinda smells like a more darker version of Nospi Apertifi on me at first, kinda chocolaty, but about 10 minutes later, I can smell the scent of a rose coming through strong and crispy!!!

    I wouldn't buy a big bottle of this for the summer months like now, but maybe around October this would be a nice fall scent.

  8. This smells like chocolate and coconut on me, at first?? But then dries down to a lemon-honey tea scent that I'd have to drink when I was sick when I was little, lol. Therefore this scent brings on bad memories! :lol: Otherwise, I think I'd really like it. :lol:

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