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  1. This is still to date, my favorite perfume ever in my whole life. I only dab a bit on a few times a year because I don’t ever want to run out (and I’m pretty sure what I have is from the only time it was ever re-brewed) I FLOVE this so much, Mara. It’s like the gift that keeps giving. Thank you, for creating this.
  2. Thank you! Dang. DOM is disc. Maybe I’ll get him some Hunter Trapper. See how he likes that one. 😃
  3. Over the years, I've read about and experienced selfies on women's blends and I've read selfies for general mood and confidence on the men's but ... I'm using serious word filters so hopefully the title was 'nough said. If you weren't feeling it, just for whatever reason, and it was, your anniversary or whatever, and the spouse didn't wear phero's, what would you try to help yourself get there from LP?
  4. Really forward to seeing a few reviews on this. Seeing a return of SS4W with a FAB new name has me all KINDS of excited (not in a fun way but maybe in the future 😜)
  5. Verbally abusive towards her and her teenage daughter. Adult throwing a tantrum because she didn't get her way kinda thing and there is no compromise. I don't have all the details but I know they pretty much lock themselves in their rooms when the female roommate is there and there are police reports. Friend IS trying to get out ... it's why I said band aid hoping there is something to take the edge off of the roommate while she is looking for a mentally and emotionally stable place to live. She has been given all the best advice anyone can give her however, a little p
  6. Literally asking for a friend. I wish I lived closer so I could loan her TH and BB ... never tried MLH. Long story short, friend is stuck in a lease with a nightmare (female) roommate and it's getting ... intense (not a strong enough term). Until she finds a way out of the situation, I thought to myself, why not introduce my friend to a band aid? I'm thinking she should get samples of all three and play with them but it never hurts to inquire with long time LP forum members as maybe one or more of you have had actual experience in living with someone who is intent to
  7. Spicy Brown Sugar today. It’s such a delicious scent ... very very attentive spouse. Lots of petting and snuggling. Def one to use for bonding “for us”.
  8. I just realized I was in a rush to make this inquiry and did so in the review section. I’m such a dork. I don’t want to smell like a Commerical perfume, nor like another person esp my mother. but my question has been answered so thank you. That’s at least two, yes, leather would pair nicely with Red for what my intentions are. 😇
  9. in this case, I can assure you it wasn’t Opium. It was Cinnabar because I was living at home and it was my mother but it sounds weird that the dude I was dating liked my mothers perfume enough to ask me to wear it because it wasn’t “like that”. She just carried it well, and it didn’t smell the same on me. My signature scent LOL LOL LOL was the vanilla from a store in a mall. Straight. Vanilla back then, on its own would have the guys following me like puppies. I agree about not disclosing signature scents and I no longer have a signature scent. It’s kinda hard when I have
  10. So ... eons ago, someone loved the way a commercial perfume smelled on someone else, but it didn't smell the same on me. Thanks to the last few years with all of you, I am educated on why. I know - there is ZERO comparing commercial anything to LP. LP's are the bestest but here I am wondering, if maybe, Red would smell on me, the way someone had hoped Cinnabar from Estee smelled on someone else (not an ex) I am also wondering how Leather would mesh with this. I'm on the fence on FB or sample first haha. I know I want a FB of Leather, but I think I'm wanting it in a a
  11. Treasured Hearts and Bb are musts for me ... one day when someone’s back cooperates, I’ll get back into the seeeeexy ones. ,
  12. Totally understand but I’m always hopeful on a few. One in particular was truly a masterpiece. 💜
  13. I’m missing wax melts. Just ... putting that out there 😊❤️
  14. Yep, if he's not feeling uber stressed, he responds to leather like I wish he did when I wore CB or DOM. He doesn't do well with EST so this is so surprising. It must just be the perfect balance with my current chemistry. I'm going to be stingy though with what is left of my sample until I place my next order. Note: I never did find this in oil to review but this is a scented oil review and yes, I am always wearing cops. I tend to stick to oils because of climate but I will most likely get this in spray when I go FB.
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