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  1. OMG, MMMMM!!!! This is SO deliciously foodie, probably the most foodie of the Sugared vanilla varieties, IMO. It smells like a buttery cheesecake croissant, or those awesome shortbread cookies, the ones you drive an hour to get on a Sunday morning from that *special* bakery that is so worth the trip. For anyone who loved Baskery, you have to get this, it's amazing!
  2. WOW!!! Like other reviews, this is totally not what I was expecting. And also like other reviews, this reminds me of when I used to sneak into my mother's room and put on her fragrances. Shimmering Sands on my skin becomes a rich, spicy, almost unisex fragrance. It really reminded me of her Opium perfume that she used to wear in '79. I was totally obsessed with it, I used to sneak in her room and spray it on a shirt that I kept in the back of my drawer to sniff. When I looked up the notes of the classic fragrance, I see that it had sandalwood and clove in it which seem to be the dominant note
  3. OOOOOhhhh, this is DREAMY!!!! To me, this reminds me of my beloved Dance of Passion, the epitome of sexy orchid and honey, but it also reminds me a bit of Themyscira, maybe more due to the vanilla. In any case, if you loved either of these, you MUST have this Lady Macbeth!
  4. I love this one! Wet, it's the perfect fusion of flowers and fruit. If violets were a tropical fruit, they would smell like this. Gorgeous!
  5. I wore this today to pick up a few essentials at the grocery store before the big snowstorm we are now getting here in the NE. I haven't worn Cougar in a long time, and of course, it made me feel awesome AF. While I was standing in line, this woman totally chatted me up like we had been besties for life, lol. I thought she was gonna invite me for dinner, for cripes sake! This is a fresh, white/green tea with a goodly dose of sweet dill on me. There is a sweetness, but I'm not specifically detecting the pear or apricot at all. And it is pretty light in sillage, which means work-friendly, ya
  6. So I did the quick "sniff-thru" when I got my hands on my sampler pack tonight (yes, all 19 of them!) and I kept coming back to this one. Without reviewing the notes, out of the vial I guessed fluffy marshmallow, citrus, and berries and that's exactly what it smelled like for the first ten minutes, just heavenly! Then like a magic trick, the rose emerged out of nowhere and I was a little concerned that it would take over but it didn't, it melted in with the vanilla and became sheer and creamy. And I love how the musk and white patchouli basenotes are keeping this lusciously sophisticated. Abso
  7. Haven't ordered in a while, got the sampler, it's on the way, yayyyy!!
  8. Would you (or could you) re-brew this?!?? Gawd, I hope so!!! It sounds so fabulous, but it sold out before I knew what an impact LPMP would have on my life. It has all my favorite notes!!!! (I made my first order at the end of Aug. 2012) Violet-Raspberry fruity floral?? This sounds SOOO right up my alley!!!
  9. I got this in virgin, and all I can say is OMGGGGG,THIS IS SOOOO DAMN GOOOOD!!!! This is the most amazing, perfect vanilla scent, EVER. I had not considered this before, because I don't have anyone to zap some Sexpionage on, so I was so glad to grab a bottle phero-free. Wet, I totally get the nutmeg-dusted rich, creamy eggnog. Then within thirty minutes, it starts morphing into the richest, creamiest, vanilla custard backed by the smoothest, most elegant resin. I cannot stop sniffing myself! Seriously, this is an instant favorite of mine, I'd better find someone to enchant with Sexpi
  10. Now that I have a bottle of this in my collection, I can openly rave for my love of this scent! To echo hearts review, this is not tropical, but it is the most soft, fluffy clean laundry smell that I can totally get away with at work since we have a new head boss that HATES fragrance in my workplace. And I have been giving the phero a good test run as well, since I thought it didn't do anything for me, and no one else. Well, I am happy to report that I am getting hits and selfies from this! It is "cougar lite" as described, so it doesn't piss off the women who are dominant, but it does mak
  11. Mine's clear, I was just going to ask if anyone else thought this smelled similar to the Balm Bomb one, my two samples smell almost identical.
  12. I had purchased Sensual Harmony a while back but traded it away because it didn't seem to mesh with my skin chemistry. The addition of powdered sugar in this version makes this for me. It does give the impression of a "white" scent, I keep thinking there's musk in here, too. Soft, well balanced, not too sandalwood heavy, with LFM. And PERMANENT? Hells yeah! Top of the list, for sure.
  13. OMG!!! Just got my sampler, what an amazing treat!! Thank you for the B&B samples, I've been DYING to try them. And OOOOOHHhhhhh!!! The beautiful bags!!! And the fragrances, outstanding!!! Almost all of these at first sniff I consider "work friendly", which is a big plus for me, seems I'm always working, lol. Now I'm off to test and phero bomb myself, hehe!
  14. It could be that some people automatically interpret the sandalwood as incense, so they think smoke.
  15. So I don't know why I didn't buy a bottle of this the first time around, 'cause it's a vanilla lover's dream!! OMG, soooo creamy! I dug out my sample of the Boho Cats one to compare. The original is more spicy to my nose and reminds me of G&L, but that might be from aging. This version has more of a vanilla buttercreme and so far, the maple note is behaving and not taking over. It really does smell like creme brulee, only my favorite dessert in the whole world!! So glad I got a bottle.
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