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  1. Hello Blackcat! I'm glad you found the magic password!
  2. octave

    Greetings! ^_^

    Welcome Fleur! This is a fun place to be!
  3. If it's Porn Month, here's a few I'd like to see: Hot Nutz: honey, peanuts (salted), cinnamon, caramel, and a dash of brandy. Banana Hammock: banana, whipped cream, cherries, rum, and walnuts. Bodacious Melons: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, papaya, mango with a dash of brown sugar. Honey Do Me: Honeydew, ocean water, pineapple, sand, coconut and lime. Miso Horny: bamboo, vanilla, tiger lily, blue musk, white musk, yuzu, incense. Ladies, what would want for Porn Month?
  4. Thank you Honeycake! In some cases, I found I got more hits with some sprays, but also got hits with some oils. At first, I thought that I ghosted myself, but I only use 4 sprays or 4 swipes of a phero.
  5. I was just wondering if there's a difference in strength between spray pheros and oil pheros. Or, is it just a matter of personal preference?
  6. I would love to have Sultry Afternoon, Levitation, and Occo Ambrosia back. Just a thought: why not have a few retro fragrances every month? Or have a Back By Popular Demand month?
  7. Oh Yeaahh! Let's see...food or LP July Editions? I'll really miss food this month, lol!
  8. I bought this the first brew around and got so many compliments on it. This is a great scent for fall. Glad it was back!
  9. octave

    Candytuft Tea

    I love this scent! It reminds me of my childhood of going to the candy store for some reason. I'm not a big fan of clove, but it's not overpowering. Had to get a fb of this!
  10. Don't worry, Mara, l'll wait patiently. Good things do come to people who wait.
  11. I hope Mara says yes also. I got this mixed with BANG! and I just love this scent! Got so many compliments on this from my friends and total strangers.
  12. Okay, heavy stalking going on here. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!
  13. OMG! I just in love with this scent! At first, I was afraid of it due to the gunpowder and just got a sample. It was a strong scent when wet but after the dry down, I could not stop sniffing my arm until I went to bed. Thank goodness I was at home because I could of got some weird looks from people out in the public. Definitely fb material for me!
  14. I love this scent! It smells like pear tarts my mother makes for holidays. This seems to have a pear/brown sugar/butterscotch theme going on. Plus the treasured hearts involved, it' s great for work because I have bickering women there and it would be nice if the fighting would go down some. I' 'll let you fine people know how it goes.
  15. Hi, everyone! First time post, but a longtime LP addict. I can't wait until my sex and violins comes in. Don't compromise yourself, it's all you've got! (Janis joplin) Holly
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