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  1. YES Bad Girl!! Woohoo!!! I missed out on a FB last year. That is my "get shit done" goto blend :-). They all look amazing!
  2. I would like an itty set, please and thank you :-)
  3. Please reserve for me Black Panther, Soliloquy of Lady MacBeth and an itty set. Thanks!!!!
  4. Please reserve a Smoked Ham for me! OMG I'm so excited that you are rebrewing this. I've been hording my sniffies for years! And an itty set too please. Thanks!!
  5. This scent captures exactly what I had envisioned and turned out better than I imagined, so thank you Mara! I LOVE IT!! I have been plotting this one for a long time and I'm so glad that I finally went for it. I have been wearing it every day since it arrived and I can't get enough :-) It is dark, sensual and sophisticated...and a little badass. It wears close to the skin like a secret weapon. The black orchid is the star note, beautiful and mysterious. The chocolate gives it an earthy elegance that balances out the floral. The raspberry and honey add a touch of sweetness but stay in the background. It is so well blended, I could not pick out either of those individually. However, they are more prominent in the spray version. As it dries down, the vanilla and orchid linger as a soft, powdery impression. Fabulous!! Tonight I will be wearing it out salsa dancing, boosted with Gotcha! :-)
  6. Thanks Mara. I love learning new things too :-). My package arrived yesterday. OMG it is perfect!
  7. I am so excited for my first PE. Mara, the label is perfect! I can't wait to see what magic you brewed up :-) If you have any more, i would like an itty set too. And I would love a bottle of Blue Moon too please!
  8. Can I reserve a sample set please? They all look soo good!!!
  9. Can I reserve a Cherry Marshmallow Scrub, Dead Sea Scrub, Vampiric Infusion Soap and the Coca Butter & Honey Body Butter please?
  10. Can I reserve an itty sample set? The NRs and PEs look amazing. I cannot wait to try them all!!
  11. I would love a bottle of Tink's Vulture and The Egg Potion and a sample set. Thanks!!
  12. I would like to reserve Mama Lion and Bohemian Beauty. If Persephone Potion becomes available, I would like to reserve that one too. Thanks!!
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