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  1. YES Bad Girl!! Woohoo!!! I missed out on a FB last year. That is my "get shit done" goto blend :-). They all look amazing!
  2. I would like an itty set, please and thank you :-)
  3. This scent captures exactly what I had envisioned and turned out better than I imagined, so thank you Mara! I LOVE IT!! I have been plotting this one for a long time and I'm so glad that I finally went for it. I have been wearing it every day since it arrived and I can't get enough :-) It is dark, sensual and sophisticated...and a little badass. It wears close to the skin like a secret weapon. The black orchid is the star note, beautiful and mysterious. The chocolate gives it an earthy elegance that balances out the floral. The raspberry and honey add a touch of sweetness but stay in the b
  4. My current top 5: Devilish Thoughts Lusty Cherry Star Power Determination Potion Road Opener
  5. This is not at all what I expected. It is more of a spicy orange than cupcake scent on my skin. I don't detect any honey which is odd for me since I am a honey ho. Despite that, it is a delicious sexy scent and the dry-down is to die for. Today I am wearing it layered with Sugared Chocolate Fudge...yum!!!!
  6. I'm sorry Tink, I though this would be a guaranteed winner for you :-( Let it settle some more and give it another try. I tried this one again, and what a difference a week makes. No amber-amping this time, YAY! It is gorgeous and sexy.
  7. I'm with you on this one, donsie. I missed out on a FB of Katerina Suit and horde my sample...
  8. I have used Sheer Essence with success. I also have the trial bottle with the tiny dropper and I only use 1-2 drops which I split between wrists and then rub on my lower torso. Then i let it dry down just like any other cop scent. I can still smell tiny amounts of cops until i cover it but it is a dream to work with compared to EOW (which I purchased from another company before I discovered LP....had the worst OD from that). So it took me awhile to muster the courage to play with Sheer Essence and I was very happy with the results. I do tend to be conservative with my phero application as
  9. I am a huge fan of BB and wear it almost every night before bed. This is such a pretty soft powdery scent that is perfect for BB. It evokes an image of standing on a lavish balcony, in a long silky nightgown, on a warm starry night, basking in the moonlight.
  10. chelle8422

    Elfin Plum

    This was the first one I grabbed from the December set. I knew by the description that it would be my favorite for the month...and I was absolutely right. It is gorgeous! It wears on me like a lighter version of Lady V's Black Panther, which is one of my all time favs. The plum is very sensual and the fig adds a layer of brightness. I detect just a hint of spice. It dries down to a beautiful skin musk that lasts and lasts....FB for me.
  11. This one started off as sweet cherry on me but that faded rather quickly. The musk and amber came forward with the lemon hanging on. I have mixed results with amber...too much and I wind up in headache territory. In this, it was on the border. The musk is really beautify and was keeping the amber grounded, but eventually the amber took over. I will have to give this one another try after it has time to settle.
  12. Yay Tink! I'm so glad I saw it on Artfire. I just bought a bottle unsniffed because I trust your judgement and know we have similar tastes! Super excited to try this one.
  13. Wet, this smells like powdery pineapple with a hint of melon, a bit like a pina colada. Maybe its the apricot I'm detecting mixed with coconut that gives that impression. After a few minutes the melon comes forward and sits on top of the fluffy vanilla and coconut. This is a perfect summery cover for cops and reminds me a bit of Cuchi Head, but lighter. I'm surprised that i don't smell any honey which is usually the first note that i detect, but it is definitely staying in the background. After a long dry down, I am starting to detect the amber, but mostly the melon and coconut hanging on
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