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  1. Oh I want 976 Girl! I love chai and want a perfect chai tea scent... bonus on the + sexiness hehe
  2. Our *Sweet Valentine* fragrance contains the delightful ingredients of fluffy, light, sweet cake ~ butter, sugar, vanilla, and meringue ~ with the pinkest of fairy floss and Sweet Pea ~ the most adorably innocent of flora. I purchased a sample of this from someone's sales post - I'm intrigued by any fragrance claiming to smell like cake (mmmm cake...) In the vial it smelled VERY similar to the original LP and I thought it might have been mislabeled! Upon putting it on my skin, it definitely was not LP.. it's sweet, has a tad of a burnt sugar smell to it - not as foody as the description leads you to believe; more of a sugary floral. I would really love it if the sweet pea didn't come in and ruin the show (Sweet Pea is my nemisis). I guess I was hoping it wouldn't be so dominant, but it's definitely there. Overall, a very sweet scent perfect for valentine's day!
  3. At first this smelled like cotton candy + powdered sugar. Just 5 minutes later I'm getting a burnt sugar smell maybe my body temp is too high lol! Oh well - I still have plenty of favorites!
  4. I just put this one and about less than 10 seconds later my husband says "mmmm what's that smell?" That's how I know I found a winner (the man usually stays silent in all my perfume adventures). Before I told him what it was he identified it as fruity - wow, he's learning! Before everything was vanilla or coconut no matter what I put on. At first this is very much a juicy red berry scent. About 10 minutes after application the sweetness from the sugar comes out and mellows it. I really like this!
  5. This is my hands-down favorite LP blend (ok, tied with Sugared Peaches, but this has a slight edge over SP hehe). It's sweet and perfect... how do you describe perfection? This WILL be my first bottle purchase. I still have a sample from my first order, and I only use it on rare occasions (and only at home!) When I get a bottle I'll be sure to experiment.
  6. I was really excited by a perfume that smells like root beer float, so of course I had to hunt down a sample! I was a little disappointed because, on me, it doesn't smell like a root beer float.. Instead it smells like soda water + a bit of cream No sassafrass here... maybe it got left out of this vial lol Anyways, I will give it A+ for capturing a true "fizz" scent!
  7. This is my #1 Favorite LP scent!! My favorite dessert is firm, sliced white peaches topped with a bit of brown sugar *drool* and this is the best peach perfume I have ever smelled. My husband will not eat a peach but LOVES peach scents - he really liked this on me.
  8. I puchased this (2007 version) some time ago from someone's sales post - it leaked in transit so I lost quite a bit of it and the label is not so pretty, but there's still plenty to cherish! I tested again tonight and it's more of a "dark fruity" blend then the original maple syrup scent I smelled when I first received it. I'm terrible at descriptions and reviews, but I definitely smell the honey, apricot, and vetiver. This isn't a blend I would wear all the time, but it's a nice change up from my normal scents.
  9. This whole discussion is pretty fascinating! I find that I wear my LP blends for times that I want to make an impression and want to be remembered. So far I've had good luck with my husband and the Original Love Potion The memory assiciation of scent is very powerful! I got my first sample of Phero Girl today, but my husband is kind of ill... I'm wondering if I should give in and put it on or wait for a more suitable night lol
  10. Hi all! I'm 23 years old and completely obsessed with perfume oils I came over here by way of the BPAL forum. So far, my favorite scent is the original Love Potion; my husband definitely responds well to it. It's so sweet, and a scent just for me. Glad to be here!
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