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  1. Pink smells very synthetic to me. It may be a batch difference.
  2. Hm. =/ I could swear this is Pink Sugar fragrance oil.
  3. LOL. I wouldn't want to be around you wearing that when I'm hungry! And I'm so super happy. My Love Potion Black came yesterday! Ok, first I was really heartbroken because when I applied LP:B, I got that initial hit of delicious vanilla and patchouli I remembered--which was then completely replaced by maple syrup. That sticky maple scent aura. I HATE that. I was super sad. But TODAY, I remembered that I'm a secret evil genius because I'd requested the original Love Potion sample (which was also weirdly disappointing--smelled like bubblegum--not what I remember this smelling like!) -- which was the linchpin to my subconscious plan. I siphoned away about a 1.5 mL of Black with a clean pipette and added the vial of LP, shook up the bottle, and voila! Delicious, rich Love Potion Black that's rounded and beautiful and multifaceted. (Before, it was just maple syrup central.) I can't stop sniffing myself!
  4. Eggers, I bet that might be the patchouli you're smelling that smells like celery. Fresh patchouli smells a bit green and growing to me, a little sharp--but it completely changes as it ages and gets really deep and mellow.
  5. Yes, exactly! It rounds out the notes nicely and it's such a great overall layering scent.
  6. I love this musk. I actually home-blended this and Sugared Honeycomb together--I love that combo!
  7. I just ordered a bottle! I've been craving the dark vanilla loveliness for a while (plus patchouli) so I just went for it. My sample vial ran out ages ago so I think it's time.... The description of rich vanilla pushed me over the edge. Will update with a review once I receive the bottle! =) I love the earthy edge to the sweet. Am hoping it's not maple syrup or brown sugar, though!
  8. Absolutely in love with this. I posted back in 2009 that this was turning into molasses and cinammon spice on me--I wonder if that was a sample or the bottle I got? I was mega ultra stressed out then which might have contributed! I got a more fruity LP: Red, which I absolutely ADORE. The bright notes of fruit is so beautiful against the cinnamon, and I just feel transported. Sweet, spicy, rich with understated vanilla and a kick of patchouli--yet fresh from the fruit. Mhmm. It's an airier fragrance and the scent blooms, rising just above my body heat. I adore it. I've been slathering myself in this scent all day and I just can't get enough of it! I keep coming back to write about this one because the scent and my perceptions of it change with time. <3 Obsessed!
  9. Sugared Honeycomb and Sugared Egyptian Musk together is sexy. But oh man sweet!
  10. I just had to say that I've been wearing Valentine Queen to bed the last couple nights and having the best rest. The first night, I had the best dreams! It was the feeling I got from the scent, very light and airy, and it followed into my sense of well-being. And in those midnight moments when you get to the edge of waking but not quite? I'd smell the light, rosy-sweet scent of Valentine Queen and know that was why I was feeling so nice. I always have epic adventure story dreams, semi-lucid in that nothing bad ever happens--everything feels like I'm watching a movie, a fun one--but these nights have been especially good and riveting. (I've been sleeping in to find out what happens next!) Sometimes I wish I could find a layering note so I could make it more vanilla/creamy/full-bodied, uh...a little more like the original LP: Pink (hint hint! lol) but that'd just be adding a pleasant extra to an already rocking 'fume. Right now, this is definitely my favorite LP blend. Thanks for the good dreams, Danna. This scent makes me smile.
  11. OH MAN THAT IS AMAZING NEWS. Thanks so much for calling them up, Danna. It really means a lot to me that you did all that. I just couldn't help that bolt of panic when I saw that old address, again! You guys ARE the best!
  12. AW, CRAP. So my package still wasn't here today, so I remembered I had tracking from stamps.com. I check--and see that my package is in the East Coast(!) at the school I've already graduated from, while I'm here in California! I'm really upset. =/ I had a lot of problems going on last year, so I retail therapy-ed it out, a LOT, so to think that I have (yet another) student post box snafu where the ladies know me as that crazy girl with all those packages gets my blood running too uncomfortably hot and funny. (Yeah. It was a bad year....) I sent off an email to Mara/Danna, but I know their site was recently hacked, so I hope they have control of their email again. I think they were using the Sinister Girl accounts for a while. I was really looking forward to Valentine Queen--a lot--so this kind of squirmy, flashback-inducing feeling is no good. I don't recommend it.
  13. Damn all this talk of pumpkins. I've been eating the pumpkin pie every day of the week because of all this fan enthusiasm! (Haha, I'm not a foody perfume person. If I hear mention or smell scent of food, I'll EAT IT.)
  14. Oh sweet! I just got a processing notification, so hopefully I'll get my Valentine Queen that much quicker! I didn't order any pheremone add-ons, so it seems like regular orders will be spot on two weeks the way things look to be going.
  15. I'm hoping for the original blend at some point... That was amazing.
  16. When did you guys order? I'm wondering about long the TAT is right now...about 2 weeks?
  17. My skin chemistry SUCKS. This is so, so, SO pretty and yet my skin is turning it into all molasses and spicy cinammon fumes in a matter of minutes. Unhappiness.
  18. Sadly, I can't wear this. It has the same pink sugar note from Amber Enchantment and smells even more like Pink Sugar in general that I immediately get a memory association reaction. Nothing bad, but my body knows it's smelled it too much before. =/ Surprisingly, though, not as rich and musky/vanilla-heavy as I usually expect from LP. *g*
  19. Sorry if that sounded like a judgement, which I didn't intend it to be. I just thought I remembered reading an article that said something like that and was fishing for more information from more those more knowledgable of their own health and circumstance, because from what I remember, the information wasn't offering an alternative view. I was trying to sound tentative because I didn't want to be demanding any information based on personal choice. =)
  20. A little too musky for what I wanted out of sugar. I was hoping for more of a "clear" sugar than the heavy/dull-sweet one.
  21. This definitely reminds me of LP: Black, though the carnation twists the blend into submission with its airy, spicy notes. One of the spiciest carnations I've smelled, though it never goes over into cooking spices like clove. I really like this scent paired with the LP pheremone blend. Smells quite nice together.
  22. Ok, lately I've had people telling my I had my expectations set too high, just as a default. (Haha, I'm a perfectionist, my standards are even stricter when it comes to myself!) But. Okay? This totally met and exceeded those expectations. <333 So much love for this blend! It's exactly how I pictured it'd be, with a hint of rose and sweetness and just the lightest, lightest touch of blackberry jam that doesn't tip this to the too-foody side of gourmand. I love the hint of jasmine tea I get, too. I think this will be my replacement for the original Love Potion Pink. (Danna, amazing job! This and Southern Gothic is just fabulous!)
  23. I thought hormone replacement therapy was actually proven to have harmful effects for the older woman past menopause?
  24. I wrote about this in the Wildflower thread, but the popularity potion let me down during my emergency. *g* AKA friend who doesn't know how to shut up about herself.
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