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  1. Ooh, I want the Treasured Hearts! Did my package go out already? If not, I can wait until the TH is in for it all to go out together. Sending the money now...
  2. Thanks! I will send the money to you now!
  3. Is it too late to join in? If not, I would like samples of Soulmate, Blatant Invitation and True Confessions. Also, is anyone going to decant Treasured Hearts soon? I would be interested in trying that one as well. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! That's definitely a phero I an use.
  5. I just bought a custom blend of Sugared Honeycomb with the new Cuddle Bunny pheromone mix, and I'm curious as to what the difference between androstAnone and androstEnone is? Thanks!
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