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  1. Oh but this really does smell good! I just got it in the mail. I smell the sugary mapley vanilla goodness I hoped for. And then the end note is almost like a man's cologne. It's like it doesn't taper off into edible sweetness. Instead, it has a nice dark finish to it. Love that because it makes the scent just sophisticated enough that I can wear it anywhere--and not seem like I'm trying to impersonate a cream puff. And by finish, I don't mean the scent goes away, I still have it on and can detect each note. I mean there are like layers to a scent and the top layers are yummy and the bo
  2. Perfect then! Won't have to fuss around with cover scents. And if Ail had a hand in creating it...how could it not be perfect?
  3. Oh wow, all these new mixes! I just ordered Super Girl (OMG Maple! YUM!) and the new Phero Girl and a sample of Honeyed Seductions. I'm finally all out of EoW and since I've tossed out my industrial cops, these Phero Girl cops might be just the ticket! I was going to get full size Honeyed Seductions with a phero additive, but I couldn't decide! All those pheromone names are brand new to me--but I'm guessing some of them are Androtics Experimones or putatives. If only we had just a teeensy bit of info about what's what... I was extra interested in the contents of the girl girl mix (
  4. I wanted to like Love Potion Black. It smells very interesting in the vial. Earthy incense. On my skin, however, it seems to lose its complexity. I kept sniffing my wrist every so often to check whether the scent had morphed at all. Each time, though, I was reminded of my favorite local occult book store. I smelled exactly like that store. I might wear this to the rennaisance festival or a pagan event (if I were still involved in wicca).
  5. Kitten

    Sugared Honeycomb

    My, yes. This is definitely a sexy scent. And quite strong and long lasting! I get a literal, dry honeycomb scent rather than a deep honey smell. I also detect a hint of flowers as if some pollen fell off some of the bees building the honeycomb, carrying the traces of lots of different flowers. I can imagine men reacting to this the same way they do to Pink Sugar. This one's a keeper!
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