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  1. Late night on a Friday, itching for my order. Can't wait. Broke the bank. Ooooooh.....the anticipation!!! I have to smell these. Pretty pretty please.
  2. Awww, you are very lucky. My over exageratted point is, we're human's and we all long for those things. It might be from many, it might be from one. Depends on the person. But the longing and wants exist in all of us. Pheros bottom line is to get us what we want.
  3. Yah, unfortunately, we're dealing with men here. Everything is a mating signal. Brushing your hair, smiling, looking at them, saying hi. This is why they see pheros as a way to get laid. It all comes down to that. We're a little more complicated. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I see it: For men Respect = power = admiration = get laid Talking = openess = likes me = get laid Cuddling = fun = trust = get laid For women Beauty/Sexiness = tease = maybe get laid Cuddling = closeness = relationship = maybe get laid if in the mood Respect = confidence = power = tell men to shove it wh
  4. Ok, I refreshed. Got it now. Oooooooh. Gulp! Next month is a doozy. When you're hot, you're hot.
  5. Nothing is certain in life other than death and taxes. Hehehe.
  6. What comes in the mothly pack? Everything including the samples of the pheroblends?
  7. Wow the Potion Masters are really creative. 10 + releases a month is insane. So, it's only two people making and shipping and updating web, forum and mail? Bah! Time to get more help! If I hadn't hit my limit. I'd go for the monthly pack to be sure. Til Death is an awesome concept, as well as the puppy for Taxed and the Venus one. Honeyed Seduction is going to fly off the shelf for sure. I wish I knew more about what's inside the potions.
  8. Ok testimony time... Not only do I like the smell, I think me landed me a good one. . I have to admit, I cheated and use a concotion of pheros I made up with this perfume. That evening in 15 minutes I got hit after hits, wearing a turtleneck in a club! When I left, this somewhat cute stranger walked next to me and I was being friendly and chatty. I asked if he had friends in the area and offered to be a friend. He left wanting my email. Ok, good sign, he knows how to write. He who knows how to write, likes communicating. YES! I didn't think much of it and had been on the ins and
  9. I've discover pheros are basically human scent that triggers one's desire to mate. Where as perfume triggers emotions and if blend well, imagery and fantasy. The man already has the desire to mate, that's why he's your man. Pheros to just kick it up a notch. It's funny how some blends make him more aggressive, romantic or sensual though. I blended three different blends for the same guy and it's kinda of funny to see his reaction. My observation is with random strangers, attention comes from: #1 is your body, shape, size, the way you move (attitude I guess) #2 is your face, ooh she'
  10. I think just cougar with grapefruit that has DPG. But they didn't list all the ingredients of Pharacom's blend. So it might have D5 as well.... but now I'm making stuff up.
  11. You and Dolly are right. I was thinking with the Grapefruit. So between cougar and SS which one has the most VAVOOM?
  12. Well, this is what it says on the webpage: Cougar Potion Ingredients: * LP Ingredients: Fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol (DPG), Pharmacom Custom Pheromone Blend (Cougar) * Pharmacom Ingredients: Estratetraenol, alpha-androstenol, beta-androstadienol, androstanone, copulins, dehydroepiandrosterone, sodium sulfate. Unless that's a webpage error, I think only SS comes in D5. Maybe that's the workaround.... Oh, erm with these perfumes and pheromixes... I wonder if it's safe for our partners to put their mouth on the areas we dab it on. You know guys have a tendency to put a bit much in th
  13. GOOD IDEA. My test vial will last forever in a scent locket!!! I'm so tempted to try PG, but they don't have sample sizes on the web page.
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