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  1. I have the popularity potion but it doesn't seem to work for me for some reason. The reactions I've received are pretty weak...I've worn it around groups of women, men and mixed...and suprisingly it just doesn't do much. But one time I was on the train and I sneezed and this girl said bless you but I didn't fully hear her cause I had my ipod playing; so like a couple of minutes later I happened to glance down in her direction and she made sure she said bless you again.she had to repeat it like 3 times cause like I said I had my ipod and was in another world. That was about the only reaction I had with it.
  2. I noticed the Alpha Androstenol has been out of stock for a while - now that you have Beta-Nol will you guys be getting the Alpha Nol back in stock?
  3. Wow...these all look so awesome I really just cannot keep up!
  4. I have used it - and it does exactly what it is supposed to in my case. Men were very attentive and eager to do stuff for me, looks from many others passing by, I went out for drinks with friends and I was wearing it. The guy I was meeting "noticed" when I first walked up to him - (like he had a bit of an animalistic, noticing you type of look) but he then hid it very well the rest of the time (he is in a relationship and we are just friends although there is chemistry). The woman accompanying us (who is a lesbian) was a little combative. Some of the bartenders (both female) I caught looking at me from the bar. Like an open stare, observing, like trying to figure out out my mojo was... Once I was wearing cuddle bunny with these two at a restaurant - I think the waitress was a lesbian because after I snuck some on, she started getting really nervous around me. Looking like she didn't want to mess up and be embarrassed in front of me when telling us the specials. I have no idea why theres so many lesbian interactions...as I am not one. Hey can anyone tell me if or when more EST is coming??????? I've been strapped financially with a situation I must attend to and could not order for some time.. Someone please enlighten me.
  5. Fantastic info Ail! Thankyou! I'm glad you verified my observation of other women being more friendly when wearing est...we seem to like similar stuff, I am such a fan of the Cuddle Bunny mix. yay!
  6. Great - thanks for this Dolly..I've found Est also makes women look favorably on you too. anyone else have this experience?..I've always talked about how bitchy I've experienced other women when wearing pheros but i actually had a decent reaction when wearing est (specifically cuddle bunny)
  7. Welcome Seraphine! I love autumn scents too! I'm a New Englander (sort of) and lovve Autumn! Let me tell you LP -Autumn is amazzzing. I just kept unconsciously sniffing my arm like every 2 seconds, i wear it to bed, around the house, I just cannot get enough! Hallowtide, Bonfire & Pumpkin are next on my hit list... oh hey - I have s story for you too - i started putting out birdseed on my fire escape so my cats can have some entertainment when i'm away, for weeks no birds came - then one night as I'm closing the drapes I see something huge sitting on the railings, guess what? it was a hawk! he slept there the entire night - when i looked the next morning he was still there but then he saw me and flew away. ever since then i have seen him flying around my building - i guess this is his territory. I live in the northern most tip of manhattan & we have 2 parks here where they say it has not changed much since the indians sold it to the pilgrims.. Hey CC - how have things being going? How do you like your perfumes so far, what are your favorites?
  8. I experience the same citrusy zing - but it works for me. As it dries down tho its smells more and more "perfumy" than fruity on me - I like this one very much! Allegro is the perfect name for this.
  9. Since I am still a newbie - I was just wondering why you call your girls "the bears" it's very cute, i was wondering what the story behind that was...
  10. I just love hearing about men's reactions to the potions!
  11. Neve

    Sugared Honeycomb

    Truly! I have NEVER smelled anything like this before...I'm almost a little afraid to wear it outside because it is so blatantly sexual...what a weapon this is. This will have men on their knees!!!! I'm curious how this will compare with honeyed seductions...
  12. Thanks Mara! Looking forward to both of these... :banana063:
  13. Neve

    Sugared Honeycomb

    Sugared Honeycomb is fabulous! This is a standout by far..wow it really smells like sex, that's like the first thing I thought of but it smells so so good! I cannot wait to wear this around my man...Nossa! every female should be lucky enough to have this...This is BELEZA!
  14. I got my potions! YAY! So far cougar is one of my favorites - this is very very good..smells just like grapefruit, very crisp and refreshing!!!!
  15. Sending you much positive energy and remember God/Universe/Spirit's peaceful loving energy is always with you beneath the chaos
  16. Yes - i am one of these women - be careful because you may not realize how bitchy you can get until way afterwards...other women may react badly to you as well (I've experience this several times with friendly female coworkers)...I once wore a None/Nol mix from another company, I practice a martial art seriously so I was coming from this graduation ceremony with a couple of my peers and my instructor. (who is a lesbian female) We never had any beef but she got soooo evil with me..later I when I was sparring we had this guest visiting us from france, her style was very difficult for me to decipher and I became very frustrated and started to go after her...I was like I can usually maintain my composure...but Another time I was wearing a None concentrate only (it as a freebie) I was fine and alot of men were acting like I was a queen. I guess the moral of the story is - 1. quality of the company you are dealing with may be a factor - which is a non issue at LP 2. if you use don't OD and be aware of your own reactions.
  17. Yes I am a meanie - but to be honest tho I have told a few of my girlfriends about LP already but they seemed to not be so into it for some reason...but I don't tell anyone about pheros.
  18. you are way more generous than me - this store will be my secret weapon...will i ever tell friends where i buy my pheros or if I do? hell no! hahaha! "hey you smell so good!! what r u wearing? "uhhh, I don't remember" ... maybe i'll loosen up one day.
  19. whoaa! that is a huge order...i just ordered testers...I actually am very particular so i can't commit to a bottle until i am sure about a scent..
  20. well lets seeeeee.....1st order was LP Red, LP winter Solstice, sugared honeycomb, scented Cougar, Cuddle Bunny, Summer of Sin and Mermaids.. my second order - LP-Autumn, Dominance, Allegro, new PheroGirl, Honeyed Seductions, Dark Seductions, scented SuperGirl & Intelligent Woman..I have events coming up and I'm already trying to plan what scent I should wear. lol! I love pheromones and foody scents, fruits and spices as well as some greenery - I'm not too much of a floral person but i hope to be pleasantly surprised with some scents going forward...like Betrothal if it gets rebrewed..how about you CC?
  21. HA! that little tomato guy is cute...I'll have to find him
  22. Neve


    Holy Cow!!! That pic of the white cat is EXACTLY the spitting image of my cat AND she has her own little white wrestling partner just like that except her partner is a lamb..she wrestles him and takes her feet and hits him exactly like that! it's so hysterical..Wow that is spooky! I'll have to take a pic and post!
  23. Hi Therapygirl - welcome to the forum!!!! I'm a newbie here too I placed two orders already but I haven't received yet either..what were your choices? we can compare notes!!!!
  24. how is sugared bonfire? - i tired to find a review but didn't see any - i just saw LP autumn too I cannot wait for it!
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