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  1. Thank you, May and Dolly! Yes I was/am really looking forward to those orders. I know some of the goodies I ordered are already sold out, so I just couldn´t cancel it.
  2. Hi, Mara! And thanks for the research! Makes absolute sense not to wear oxytocin and EW during pregnancy! As for fragrance, I feel like wearing just a little for my own wellbeing, and generally trust the signs of my body. It does tell you loud if it is not happy during pregnancy.. As for your grandmother, Mara! She was really something! The happiness factor is important though, but I do think women of today have a different knowledge and a more conscious behavior in our everyday life with babies.. I will go ahead with the orders I placed anyway. Time flies, and who knows, their might be friends interested in the goods too..
  3. Thank you, Ladies!! Looking forward to having a baby again!! :angelstar-kaos058: Maybe my two boys age 5 and 7 will have a little sister? :dancingfruits0nm: Have any of you heard anything about using pheros while pregnant?
  4. Here is what I read: Yes, you can wear them while your pregnant just like perfume, unless of course her doctor advised against wearing perfumes or scents for some reason, which is unlikely unless the smell is making her feel queezy which can happen. Certain smells would send me running for the bathroom when I was pregnant. I dont suggest wearing them after the baby is born for a few months at least. I know someone who took a break from them last year when she had her baby. Reason being is you want the child to bond with your natural pheromone signature. Its one of the ways they know you and it gives them comfort.
  5. Thank you, Mara!! I read somewhere that people have used pheromone products while being pregnant, but then stopped using them for months or a year after the baby is born, so that the baby learns to know you natural signature. That makes sense to me... Have you heard something else about pheros and pregnancy? Yes, I do still want my order..
  6. Well, ladies! I am officially producing my own ESTRATETRAENOL.... Pregnant, yes.. 3.one. It´s been 6 years since I last did this, so I feel like I´m touching new ground...
  7. Hi, Mara and Danna! Will you be selling other single pheromones too later on? I would sooo much like to see beta-androstenol in the strength that you offer EST and alpha androstenol !!!!!!!!! Beta-nol is known to trigger deeper conversation - sort of a "best friend"-substance While alpha-nol triggers the lighthearted chit-chat. In my life, I clearly prefer the beta-nol. Elin
  8. Thank you, Mara! For enlightening us about the EST sprays. 150 mcg is what many people have reported to be the best dosage of EST in their testing... So, great! I am soo looking forward to it!
  9. Hi, Mara! I wrote in the Going, going, gone thread that I would like an unscented Cuddle bunny to go with my last order...But I can´t find it in the store... Do you call it something else? What contains the most EST - I want it! :dancingfruits0nm: Elin
  10. Does that mean that the cougar blend will be the same as it has been, and the cuddle bunny will be altered? Do you know if they are putting more EST into it? You see, I´m looking for a product with lots of EST!! Because Androtics is sold out, and I haven´t had a chance to try it yet....
  11. Hi, Dolly! Yes I have stacked up these to delicious scents.. But am I understanding you right - both the add-ins and the unscented ones are of the stronger blend?
  12. Hi, Mara! A while back I read a post where you said that pharmacom had asked if they could spice up the cuddle bunny blend... When will this happen? Does this go for the Cougar too? I have fallen i love with both of these scents, and would love to buy more of them. But of course, I am curious to get the stronger phero blends, if it is correct that they will come in the same scents... Any news about this? Yours forever - Elin :angelstar-kaos058:
  13. Hi, everyone! Today I returned my bottle of scandalous to Magicalomaha... It was too heavy for me, so now you know there is one more bottle in stock if you are interested.. :dancingfruits0nm:
  14. Hi, Liz! The MX135 is wonderful!! It took me few days to get used to the chocolatini scent in it, but now i really like it, and it blends nicely with other scents. As pheromones go, I would really recommend the A314. They sell it mostly to men, but a lot of us females have a great time with it. It is one of the blends that really can be lifechanging... Good luck!
  15. Our house is a 10 minute drive from the water, but Bergen is known to be the most beautiful city in Norway The little fjord-cruises leave from here too.. So, when you´re up for it - give me a ring Maybe its time for the two of you to take a little business trip overseas
  16. Hi, I suppose not many norwegian perfume lovers have found their way to you yet... Well, I am hooked, and soon I will tell all my friends, and who knows what will happen then? Maybe we´ll charter a plane and come and see you.. I imagine it to be sooo much fun doing the work that you do! Congratulations on finding your "niche" ! Well, Danna, I was in the US one year. The year I was 18. I was an exchange student in high school. Hoping to get to stay in NYC or L.A., I had a totally different experience when I was placed on a cotton farm in Alabama I could bearly see the next door nabours house Well, that anecdote was to emphasize that you live in large country that really has it all... And I guess Norway does too.. You will get a totally different experience depending on where you go. In Oslo you will see the typical city, like every other, not very typical norwegian. In Bergen, where I live, you will see both the city and a lot more norwegian charm. The smaller the place, the more different your experience will be from US everyday life. Go, go, go! And if you feel like it, look me up! I have plenty of room for you! Elin
  17. Hello, everyone! I have been reading a lot of your posts the last few weeks, and now I found the time to introduce myself... My name is Elin, and I am a 35 year old woman from Norway. I was just married last month, and have to wonderful little boys age 5 and 7. I work as a nurse, and being interested in everything that enhances wellbeing, I stumbled over the androtics forum a month ago. I have so much fun with their products!! There are a lot of people in awe of LPP scents over at androtics, so they led me here.. I received a package with 8 samples 3 days ago, and I am already hooked! So now I have ordered at the clearance sale.. The oils are so much better than the alcohol base. I cant see that I ever again will see the shelves in taxfree areas as the fragrance heaven, because I have found it right here! Plus I find the scents so complex with different layers, that surface as time passes. The scent last forever and a day, and the oils give a warm and cozy diffusion Can you tell that I am happy?? Looking forward to chatting with you... Best wishes!
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