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  1. I think it's wonderful that Love Potion perfume is giving to the Christopher & Dana Reeve fund. They both have a special place in our hearts here in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Christopher and Dana were active members of the Williamstown Theatre Festival here and also have a house here. My Mom was lucky enough to meet Christopher a long while back. They were both wonderful people taken from us too soon. Thank you again!

  2. Stepping slowly into the spotlight....... :P


    Hehe ;)


    My name's Marci, I'm a 26 yr old perfume addict from beautiful Massachusetts (The Berkshires!). I work at a local hospital in Medical Records and am working to become a Medical Coder. I enjoy shopping, perfumes of course, organic bath & body products, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, cooking, reading, dancing, the occasional drink, 420 ;) , and just having fun wherever I go and whatever I do! I love blending scents and coming up with new scent ideas and I'm proud to say that a few of my scents are permanent fixtures on a few websites! I may be new here at Love Potion Perfumery, however I have been a member of MUA (Makeupalley) since 2002 with over 600 tokens, a member of Ebay since 2000 with now 1000+ feedbacks and a member of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab forum since January of this year.



    My favorite scent notes are vanilla, coconut, sugar, cake, sandalwood, amber, candy, butter, light florals (especially if they are mixed with a sweet or sugar scent) and anything basically foody, fruity, sexy or sweet.


    Thanks for reading!

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