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  1. I know I have asked this question many times myself. What I remember from mara was that keeping the oils in a normal temperature in a dark place was best. That too cold or too hot isnt good so do not put them in the fridge. Also that the oils alone are good to about 6 years and up since resins can last for decades , and that when the pheros were tested at a 3 year stage they did not show any sign of breaking down. Hope I remembered correctly so far.
  2. I've really been feening for some Sugared Cream and a really good Sugared Cinnamon like the first one. I know a while back Mara said she had to get another ingredient so it could be like the first one.
  3. I just wore it again today and it made me so HAPPYYYYYYYYYY. The scent makes me think of the color blue like I was in a wild flower field looking up at the blue sky on a warm spring day. The feeling of happiness was really great, it just felt so natural like the perfect day. I watched a movie had a nice dinner with my sisters. We had so much fun laughing and talking. I know I gotta get me more of this blend. @ Darbla: I dont know if it would be too stimulating, I didnt feel a rush of energy or anything like that it was more of a feeling of well being. Although when you're that happy I know I like to do something fun. So maybe this isnt the best for night time at least not for me. I wouldnt want to waste this sleeping I would want to be awake to enjoy all the fun it brings.
  4. man you guys are LP wild, you guys seem to be ordering dozens of bottles a week from what I read in your posts. I guess the recession hasnt been hitting you guys much lol. I know when I first joined I bought alot but then it tempers off once you have most of what you want then its easier to purchase as the new releases come out. I know I'll purchase maybe 2 or 3 at the most this month and then mostly older scents before they sell out.
  5. WOW I want so many. I know Im gonna get the sampler but I want Big Bottles of: ------------------- LP with blatant invitations Sexology Hotness Personified Scarlet Silk Moroccan Night Wine and Dead Roses man is that like most of them lol muahahaha I WANT THEM, now I gotta increase my monthly LP budget
  6. Vivica

    Warrior Heart

    This one is still driving me crazy, the scent gives me a comfort I cant explain and I know it reminds me of something in my past. When I saw the ingredients I saw there was no grape but in my mind I keep seeing purple. Its like my mind is over powering the actual scent and the memory is making me smell something different. Its a weird feeling
  7. WOW these look amazing, Im excited that I can finally try wine and dead roses, and wowza blatant invitations LE LP oh man . Im so tempted to buy several bottles. These sound hot I know february is gonna be a sexy month. I cant wait for the descriptions.
  8. maybe the review of this one was on the old board before they switched to this one. This one is one of my favorites, I have multiple bottles of this one. all the sweet florals meld perfectly on me . It has a strong fantastic throw and I love it. It makes me feel so pretty and happy.
  9. Vivica

    Sugared Honeycomb

    I just tried mine on that I've had for close to a year and it has aged so well. Now It smells so thick and delicious and it has fantastic throw. smells so yummy
  10. lol thats funny, who knew a perfume older than me would be so yummy. amazing now I love it so much more, man that means as it ages it will get even better. That makes me happy I gotta get me several more bottles of it since its the one I grab the most. I think that might be the first bottle I actually finish.
  11. I just had to come back and comment on Liz patchouli and rose otto. The other day I slathered it on as I had forgotten this one is so strong that you only need a dab. As soon as I walked into the room where my friends were in they all said mmmmmmmm you smell delicious. Two people actually dabbed their wrist on mine and it smelled like they had put it on straight and not from me. This bottle is going to last me for so long at the small dose that I need. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I dont know what I would do if I didnt have this. Then the next morning I woke up to something so sweet that my mouth actually watered and I was looking around for the scent and then I realized it was me like 3 min. later lol. The drydown is sweet and so soft I feel like I slept on a sweet bed of rose petals. I feel the most feminine and loveable when I wear this. It makes me so happy I never knew how much scent can change a mood until I found LP. oh and question for Mara I remember you said this was an aged patchouli so how old was it? I remember you said it was really thick. This is awsome stuff.
  12. wow yummy. Effervescence looks great and amber enchantment and winter solstice. Great job again ladies.
  13. Vivica

    Sugared Mint

    I just got a sample of this today and I gotta say Im so HAPPY I finally tried it. It smells so fresh and cool and it perks all of my other scents right up. Im gonna get me a big bottle of this and I def gotta try vanilla mint now.
  14. Vivica

    Top Five

    Since the new realeases my top 5 have totally changed. In the past I was more partial to darker scents but lately I have been feeling super girly so now I've been rocking lighter scents. 1.Betrothal 2.Warrior Heart - it calls out to me 3.Fairest 4.Lioness & Flower and Flame 5.Liz dark patchouli & Rose otto 6.Want - my new replacement for sugared honeycomb and honarable mentions on these cold nights have been taxed layered with sugared hazelnut and now sogni incantati has joined the night time yummy scents
  15. well I gotta say this order arrived super fast. I was so happy as always the team M @ D always out do themselves. My favorites from the new releases are Warrior Heart Fairest Happy Water Sogni Incantati Want Those have almost all replaced my ultimate favorites with Betrothal still being first
  16. I was really looking forward to this one. It really is very fresh and cool. I get yummy fragrant flowers and I like the fact that it has a-nol in it. IT reminds me of miasma some , this is another on the big bottle list. This holiday my stockings are gonna be filled with LPs
  17. Vivica


    Im really liking this one as well. It reminds me a bit of boudoir but a lighter version and with alot of honey. As some of you know I adore honey scents and I think this works better as a honey scent for me than sugared honeycomb. I guess the added sweetness from the other ingredients boost the sweetness of honey I was looking for. I like the deep subtle boozyness to this as well like a nice rum fruit cake. and the bottle list grows longer
  18. Vivica

    Warrior Heart

    well this one really just draws me in for some reason. I get lots of grapes and yummy gooey sugar. maybe like purple gum drops I get a thickness quality to it. It does have a darker base to it that doesnt make it too foody which Im really loving a whole lot. This is on my big bottle list. It makes me really happy every time I smell it.
  19. This is really delicious, its warm, sweet and creamy. Its another perfect dreamy scent Im gonna get a full bottle so it will be perfect next to my taxed bottle.
  20. This is very yummy. I really like natural organic scents and this one is fantastic. I can smell the grains and the honey blends them all perfectly. This is what I had wished heartland smelled liked. This will be a big bottle purchase for me.
  21. I love this , its spicy and sweet and fits perfect with my skin chemistry. It smells similar to lioness without the orange and more spice. Im very happy with this.
  22. Vivica

    Warrior Heart

    Wow when I first smelled this I got a HUGE scent memory that instantly made me happy but I cant pinpoint the memory. Its crazy how a scent can bring out an emotion without reason but its there. Hopefully wearing this I can remember what it was.
  23. Vivica


    I just got my sampler pack and I gotta say this is exactly what I wanted in my search for the perfect pink scent. I think I love this one more than my beloved Candy Pop. It smells fruity and like candy and strawberries and sugar and all things delicious and pretty. This one is so PINK that I can taste it. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE this
  24. I have a bottle 2/3 full if you are interested for $75. or I could sell ya 10ml of it.
  25. hey since you do decants, I thought you might be interested in some of the pheros bottles Im selling http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.p...ic=886&st=0
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