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    Native Soil

    well I got a full bottle of this one today. When I put it on first I get alot of spice then a syrupy sweet note but then I get a weird musk dry dirt smell that is giving me a headache right now. I think I might give this one up on a trade
  2. I cant smell much from this one, the only thing I get is like a lime scent maybe my sense of smell doesnt detect light scents which may explain why I prefer the really strong ones
  3. WOW this is amazing Flower and Flame looks beautiful Fairest , oh yes blood martini , happy water and crimson black and oh my gosh all of them look FANTASTIC woot how do we order
  4. oh my gosh 2 months at the same time. I just made an order the other day, maybe I should have waited, now im all in an LP frenzy
  5. hehe Im greedy lol, they're so sweet too which makes them even better
  6. awwwwww dolly you're a sweetheart, I always love your advice and tips maybe it was a communication gap between others, I just posted my views because it isnt necessary to say how dangerous cops are in every thread where people post a bad result thats just life sometimes bad things happen and it is not your fault how people react. So Im going to post a good and bad experience I had with EOW . I have the regular version not the oil one YET, just trying to finish the one I got now Good experience -------------------------------- Im 24, Latina, where I live there arent many latinas so I always stand out. I wore about 5 drops on wrist , neck and chest. I went to an upscale shopping center and in every store I would get catered too extremely well by both men and women. In just about every store a guy would stare and ask for my number. This one guy even opened the door for me and followed me out and bought me ice cream and sat with me and talked for about 30 minutes. He had full eye contact the entire time even when he bought the ice cream he kept turning around to look at me. I also got alot of love from the women , they were kind and nice. I think because a women who exudes sexuality but is balanced with kindness and approachability gives off a positive, healthy aura and I was perceived well. One of the checkout girls even gave me a discount cuz she said I was so sweet and polite. So end of the day I had about 7 numbers with all hotties. Bad experience --------------------------------- I went to a sports bar and hung out with some guy friends and I was the only girl in the group. All my guy friends are super hot, think 6 feet and up, muscles, dimples , sexy smiles you get the picture. So I was around 8 guys and of course the ladies are going to try to flirt with them. Now a few ladies come over they start talking so I join the convo make a few jokes right. Well of course since they are my friends we have the same sense of humor and they start laughing at my jokes and kind of brush the ladies of a bit. Since Im kinda the alpha in my group being the girl they spoil me. Well the ladies kinda got mad and started saying stuff like why are you taking your little sister out , and giving me dirty looks. I can be pushy when I want so to put is simply they ended up leaving the table and didnt mess with me for the rest of the night when I put them in their place as to not be rude to me. the truth is wearing cops and not wearing them I have experience both situations before. For me cops when Im in quite mode help to bring the guys to me without doing anything and it absolutely works. I love the good experiences and the bad ones dont bug me cuz to me its just a part of life. Now nobody tell me how cops are dangerous, I get the picture lol just joking
  7. hey remmy , yeah that lady was really rude to ya, I think they way you handled it and not stooping to her level was good. My 2 cents on this situation is that all human beings have a choice as to what they do and say. Yes wearing pheros cause certain reactions in people but people still have FREE WILL to do as they please. Some of the responses I've heard are a reason why most of the times I havent posted my results with using pheros. I've been using them since march and have had great experiences and some bad ones but thats nothing new to me. I mean come on even without wearing pheros I still get caught up in bad situations but thats just because the world is filled with jerks as well as good people. I mean we are all adults in this forum and I think most women here to their fair share of research or at least read what cops do and other pheros do before they purchase. Lately it seems alot of post have been focused more on the fear factor of wearing cops which is something that really is getting on my nerves. I mean they are copulins lol I think the women that buy them know they are for sexual attraction. I do appreciate the concern and valuable information but at times it feels as if Im being preached to as child who cant decern how to act in a situation. As if we're not smart enough not to understand hey dont wear a ton of cops where you might get attacked. I dont think its any different than a woman wearing a really sexy dress or being all over a guy in a sexual manner but has no intention of it going any further. I just think some of the ladies here should stop making their advice seem as if we are morons who dont know how to not get attacked by men. I always ask questions when I like advice but I have really been holding back cuz I've seen other ladies who post their results being attacked and made feel stupid just because they are ranting about their results not because they didnt know what to expect. I think as women some of the ladies here have to remember sometimes its just a rant not a call for advice or ignorance or a story of unexpected results it is just posting results both good and bad.
  8. darling you must never throw away an LP you must always trade, ones unfortunate find is another ones treasure
  9. hi mara, is halloween moon the pumpkin pie mix you said danna was working on? or will that be coming out in october or later?
  10. ohhhh what are the description and ingredients for those? just so I can get an idea of what they are
  11. I do hope one of them is the pumpkin pie I've been hoping for. hmmm I wonder if its soul food. Im so anxious now for the descriptions. I love the teasers, its so much fun. Its like a 3 step program lol first you get the labels then you feen for the description and then you lust for the perfume to arrive into your hands. hooray for the new goodies
  12. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lovely, Im instantly drawn to la vie de boheme & Mummy chunks. I cant wait to read the descriptions and Im wondering if goblin goo is an apple candy scent? and I see Native soil is back, I will finally get to try it great job ladies
  13. sigh... I'll be back in 30 min and check for updates...
  14. ohh so nakai was a botanist... now I know where that came from
  15. why is this called Nakai Nectar? What is Nakai and how is this its nectar? lol I went to wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakai but none of those seem to be my answer
  16. boooooooooo I read the title and got excited,,,, such a tease
  17. I put on LP Red last night since I havent used it in a while and forgot what it smelled like. As soon as I put it on it smelled so familiar and then "Lightbulb" it smells like a lighter version of Dirty Sexy. It really does yummy Like Sweet Red Hots candy and I can still smell the some creamy sweetness now even 10 hours later. Yummy
  18. Vivica

    Top Five

    Some of my newest favorites are Lioness Liz Patchouli & Rose otto Super Phero Girl 2 Autumn Lust
  19. well alot of the ladies say that true confessions and treasured hearts together are a great convo to get closer and bond. I know there was also a decant circle for pheros so you could prob get a few samples for you to try. Also I know if a guy has trust issues or trust is not there it is not good to push so I would recommend to just go with the flow, be yourself take care of you, be the caring loving friend and if he see's the wonderful person you are you will become closer. Just let nature take its course and the pheros will help along the way. oh and cuddle bunny is great layering that with betrothal it is really wonderful since cuddle bunny has est which says to help with bonding.
  20. it was already made the name of it was " Wine and Dead Roses" it was sold out a while ago
  21. well I would also recommend maybe give her something she would not regularly try. I have found so many treasures testing stuff I never thought was for me.
  22. Well arent you a fantastic writer. So glad to have a male point of view and especially one that expresses himself so well. Im so happy you liked your order and welcome to the LP addicts fanclub
  23. Well I've been using Super the last few days and I gotta say since I lathered it on that the pheros really work, I got ALOT of self effects within the first 15 minutes it made me feel very sexy. The scent is also so delicious this is going on my top favorites. Man everytime I think I got all my favs I get a whiff of one I havent tried in a while and boom I fall in love with another one.
  24. this scent is girly. Its light if you only put on a few dabs but if you put on ALOT oh WOW its delicious on overload. It also layers great with your pink emerald. Just SLATHER it on and you'll be so happy living in a cloud of fluffly sugar. I think when wearing this I'll put on like 1/4 of a vial and yes that will be mean I will go through it like water but hey whats the price for having a great day.
  25. ok so last night I was putting on some shea butter and as you may know you gotta melt the chunks in your hand. So I was melting it in my hand and I thought hmmm I bet putting some LP in it would smell good. So I thought I would try one that I really had not used much and chose pure sugar. Well I accidentally dropped half the vial into my palm with the shea butter. Well after it all melted I had a big pool of liquidy goodness and since I didnt want to waste it I rubbed it all over and even in my hair. WOW all I can say is it was delicious I could not stop smelling myself I felt like I was in a big pile of fluffy sugar. I now realize with the lighter scents I gotta use alot more to get that yummy strong scent that I prefer. Im gonna get me a bottle of this, so fantastic
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