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  1. You know my biggest mistake is only smelling them in the vial and not putting them on. When I first got this one I didnt really get much from it in the vial so didnt put it on but I put it on tonight and WOW. I gotta say this is delicious, so sweet and great throw , I didnt get any metallic notes just a whole bunch of delicious yummyness. This is on my fav list now, gotta get me a bottle. YUM YUM YUM
  2. Well I got to try this one today and it is very nice. At first it was super light but as it drys down it gets like a fluffy warm sugar scents like the smell when cotton candy is getting made mixed with powdered sugar. I want to lick my arm or eat some fluffy white cotton candy . This will be great to layer with my other pink scents and to go to sleep so that when I wake up I feel all warm and happy. Nom NOm NOM
  3. I prefer the mens version as well it smells less sweet to me than the womans version. So I'll be using this one instead
  4. I totally love your custom blend liz its my perfect dark rose scent, so earthy and strong and pure. YUM I know I gotta get me a couple more bottles of it. I also cant wait for it to age together cuz I know it will be even better with years to come. I wonder if thats how wine and dead roses smelled? anybody can compare?
  5. well with this scent I would want to take it darker so maybe LP Black, dirty sexy, dark seductions, nasty habits. I wouldnt layer it with anything sweet because too many its very sweet. Maybe layer it with something cool like miasma to overpower the sweetness until it fades and the other dark elements come through.
  6. Vivica


    yep I am so happy right now, because lol lioness is my nickname which is another reason for the name and my last name means lioness and Im a leo lol this is just super perfect for me you have no idea. I absolutely love it. My mom smelled it and she's like yeah that is you spot on.
  7. I got a bottle of your Pink emerald and I gotta say its a super duper pink scent and I love it. Im so happy I got a bottle it. This along with candy pop are the best pink scent. It is strong and not light and I dont have to whiff my wrist to get the scent I can just smell it which is what I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE. Im happy that I have another pink scent bottle now I wont cry when my candy pop is gone cuz I'll have this woooo hoooo . So happy
  8. Vivica


    So I had to review this one last because it is by far the BEST one to me. The ingredients in this one have been my favorites for years I just never had anybody to make it for me. I gotta say M@D you guys got what I wanted SPOT ON. This is me wrapped up in this bottle and it is absolutely perfect. I belly dance and this is my Dream scent how I have always wanted to smell. Its exotic and mysterious and sexy and powerful and sleek. It has so many layers and that bloom right after the other. The spikenard, hyssop, myrrh and orange come first and give thats super strong aura and the spiciness last for a while then the soft gentle creamyness still holds tight to the spiciness giving a beautiful softness. This has amazing lasting power and it is not overwhelming but it is not light it is just right, will make anybody want to lean in closer and take in your scent. This Im sure will make any man feen for the woman wearing this. You have really made me super happy today, I gotta get me a lot of these I SUPER DUPER UBER LOVE LOVE falling in Love with this again everytime I smell my wrist. You made my dream come true I dont know how else to say thank you. Muchas gracias you ladies are the best.
  9. This is a very sweet ripe fruit at first, very juicy sweet big delicious orange. Then lighter florals and a bit of musk but then it gets earthy to me like laying on a patch of grass and all the light wildflower scents merge together with the smell of the earth. Love it its very nice , gentle but complex at the same time.
  10. Vivica

    Classic Seduction

    This is very sexy, I can smell the musk first and then roses I smell something else must be the silk or fresh sheets smell gives it a very sexy tone to it. The last I smell is a bit of sweetness must be the strawberries. Very very nice and interesting.
  11. This makes me happy it reminds of being at the beach when we had parties there. It smells very bright and fun and first I get alot of citrus and then sweetness Yum. I could wear this as an everyday scent for me cuz it works great with my skin chemistry. Love it
  12. Vivica


    I was really waiting for this one and it is very potent and dark to me. It smells like dark cherries and sweet tobacco smoke. Although the cherries are strong they settle down to a nice cherry scent with depth. The sweet smoke last the longest and gives me that scent memory I was looking for. Now whenever I wear it I'll think of my sexy guy hehe love it so much thanks so much M@D for giving me what I was expecting.
  13. Vivica

    Autumn Lust

    This one is delicious. Super crisp apples so fresh that I almost hear a crunch. They smell sweet and tart at the same time and it has a delicious creamyness to it. I gotta get me a full bottle LOVE LOVE it.
  14. This smells great, Im a big fan of sugared melons and it smells alot like it with more depth I guess thats the cops adding a sort of tangyness to it. It has nice staying power and it is very juicy not light at all which I love. Fantastic
  15. This is yummy, it isnt really dark to me but it does have depth, like alot of layers to it. It has a deep sweetness to it, it smells a bit like kingdom of dreams to me. The sweetness fades after a while and leaves a nice dark tone I like it alot.
  16. I had to review this one first because it was my moms favorite. It is light and sweet in the vial and then on the skin within the first few minutes it blooms and all the flowers come forth one by one. I love it , my mom loves it so much I have to give her the sample after writting this review. She said its like how she wants to smell , not like a perfume at all more like a natural scent like how they say some people just smell sweet. She loves it I know I gotta get her a full bottle.
  17. Vivica


    I havent gotten my baby yet but I cant wait to try it and the way you described it is just as I invisioned it would be. Im so anxious right now to get it.
  18. lol dolly you have the wildest nights dont you lady lol I have a CFM sample on the way and I cant wait to try it
  19. yeah alot of the pheros smell that way but luckily just about all LPs cover them up perfectly
  20. today I was going through alot of samples and I came upon this one again. The first time I smelled it I didnt get too much from it but now WOW I wish it wasnt sold out so I could get a bottle of it. I have came to realize that when ordering so many samples I gotta re-evaluate them a few days later cuz after smelling so many different ones some notes get mixed up with others in my scent memory. There have been so many that I think arent for me than I go back to it and smell it by itself and its delish. ahhhhhhhh Mermaids I'll just have to hoard you in your tiny sample vial.
  21. wow amazing report dolly , thats a nice combo I would have never thought about putting those 2 together
  22. Im looking forward to all of them, there is not one in the bunch that doesnt sound like a full bottle purchase.
  23. wow you have tons, Im not quite up there I think I have like 25 bottles. I cant wait to see your pictures
  24. wow dolly how much stuff are ya getting lol you should take pictures of your collection once you get your latest box. I love to see how people keep their perfumes together.
  25. wow mara must be in super energizer mode right now especially with the sale going on. Im so excited I just know they are going to be fantastic.
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