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  1. oh I thought there was suppose to be like a certain percentage specifically. I just started using pheros so I was curious. So how can companies charge more per spray to conclude at price? Thats why I asked about the mcg cuz at androtics they charge more per highger percentage. Maybe if we know how much there is total in the bottle you could average out how much there is per bottle per spray? Just trying to see if Im getting the best deal and strength factor in my testing. lol theres alot Im trying to learn in the phero world. Maybe mara will be able to tell us the concentration of whats in the bottle and be able to compare strength right?
  2. mmmmmm turkish delight, Im going to have to hide this one. Then attars and incense and smoke and sweetness and florals they all sound so yummy. I cant wait to get me some spanish gold. Then est and cops oh man Im in trouble
  3. I thought it was spelled Estratetraenol? or is what you have a different product because I went to look it up and there werent any results for that named phero
  4. ohhh yayyyy southern gothic I've been wanting to try that one. hmmm spanish gold might there be a little coin attached to the bottle? lol thats all I can think of at the moment. will est be available this month too? they all look yummy, Im really interested in turkish delight I hope it smells as good as the treat itself which is a big thing at my house. Im looking at a stack of 8 boxes right now lol.
  5. wow that time already. Looks amazing I cant wait to read the descriptions and what yummy pheros are coming
  6. WOW with all these new yummy pheros you're bringing Im Im sure there are going to be alot of new customers. Im going to have to learn how to be whip out my credit card faster.
  7. oohh thats such a cute story . wow alaska thats interesting
  8. Vivica


    lol you're silly, I'll email you my skin chemistry.
  9. I want betrothal . It is my absolute favorite for everyday when I want to feel light and vibrant and soft and sassy. Also candy pop my younger sisters adore it and I was only able to snag a few samples. Is candy pop easy to make?
  10. Vivica


    hmmm Im a little torn on this one. I really do like the green smelling scents. This one smells exactly like a pond and grass and moss in the vial. On me it smells more like moisten dirt and pond water which doesnt work on me. I think Im going to give it a while to settle and then try layering it with some sweeter darker resin type of scent to see if it can balance it out. I'll report back when I try that out.
  11. Vivica

    Top Five

    hmmm this is a hard one 1.Phero Girl 2.PG Dominance 3.PG Cuddle Bunny 4.Raqs Sharqi 5.Dirty Sexy and Betrothal please make this one again. I need this for everydayyyyyy. I wake up feening it
  12. well I wore this one last night and the guy I was with was oh so close. He kept staring at me and whenever I looked away he would grab my chin or wipe my hair from my eyes so he could look at me lol it was cute. He had his arm around my waist like all night even at the restaurant. I was like hey buddy you gotta eat we cant cuddle here all night. I love the smell of PG just like honey and I actually placed some myrrh along side it since those are my 2 favorite scents. mmmmmmmmm I need to have this forever. Please Please never stop making it I love it. it makes me want to sing I feel like a woman rawr rawr lol
  13. I finally got mine and I am so happy with it. It smells so rich and thick and yummy. The honey smells fantastic and it stays a long time on me. I love it I know I'll buy another bottle just as a back up. I havent tested it out yet to see the effects of the EW but well see later.
  14. man Im so anxious I cant wait to get my goodies. This will be my first time getting phero girl and from all the reviews Im sure it will be great.
  15. ok I got a few of the LP phero blend perfumes. I know the shelf life of the perfumes can be about 6 years but how long are the pheros good for that are in them?
  16. thanks dolly and may. guess now its all about testing
  17. hey dolly I have a question for you. When you wear your pheros from here do you just layer the LPs on top of it? or will that inhibit the pheros from diffusing? For example if I put some super sexy on could I just put another LP on top of it or next to it? I saw in another thread that you put the honey on top of EOW. Just trying to figure out the best way of layering oil based covers VS. the spray ones.
  18. hey elin hey curiouschic, welcome to the forum. *Raises hand* I am an LP Addict in one month lol and I know soon you will be too.
  19. I got the sampler pack and a few past scents. I think next week I'll get a full bottle of Phero Girl and 21st Century Venus. I had to have some self controll at least for a week. They all look so yummy I cant wait to see how they smell. Im also super excited about the D5 being available. Hopefully that will help with a few scents that havent been lasting on me.
  20. WOW my jaw is dropped and Im drooling as Im making a list of what I want which is everything.
  21. woohoo just made my second order. So when do the new ones come out I cant wait for those. Since I saw there werent any new ones in march so far or do you guys put them out at the end of the month?
  22. and the scents actually last all day long I am so impressed. Im already working on my second order. I Love this place
  23. hello ladies, so today I got my first order. Im so excited, the packaging was so nice and neat. I felt like a little kid with candy as I spread out all the samples. I ordered 22 samples and the lovely ladies threw in a few so sweet of you. I feel like you guys are mind readers because you sent me the ones that were at the top of my list to try. My Favorites: Betrothal: the first one I smelled awww "kodak moment of when my LP addiction started". At first I smelled it and the scent didnt hit me right away. but thennnnn it hit me so hard and I was closing my eyes lol in love. Cuddle Bunny: WOWWW I opened it and it made me giggle lol and smile. I was instantly happy Im going to stock up on this. The funny part is I dont like bunnies and especially not the white ones lol its a childhood thing that went wrong lol Sweet Revenge: smells fantastic, this goes great with my natural scent, love it Love Potion #9 fantastic, love it so much My 2nd Favorites: Heart of Kapet - smells like being in a pyramid tomb or searching through some ancient undiscovered place, very interesting Phero Girl Dominance: makes me feel strong, like I can put on my red dress and strut Love Potion Red: its sweet and suttle on me Some of the others I got were the LP sampler -10 Dirty Sexy Nasty Habits Mermaids of Atlantis VAIN Sugared Pumpkins Lolita's Kiss Scandalous Intentions Raven DeLaCroix's Secret Weapon flapper blessed sacrament hoodoo you love fantastic stuff, im hooked now
  24. Yeah from all the great reviews I cant wait to get my package I got like 22 samples and I have a list of like 50 more I want to smell before buying the big bottles. Im such a scent junkie lol Do they have discounts for large orders? cuz I feel like im about to OD my credit card... again
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