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  1. Well I went digging through the house and located 5 bottles that are empty and obviously liked from my last venture a couple years ago! So I know I will have to order those..but thanks to all of the input and review reading it looks like I need a second job to order everything I think I want!
  2. I believe that's the one! I was hunting through the bathroom trying to find it but no luck today! If I do find it I may head on over to the trading board along with some of the others that I have here that I did not seem to care for..Thanks
  3. Thansk for the insight, I am definetly going to read more but I think that I will add Audacious and Bang to my list after reading your list!
  4. Thank you for the info it helps making it more understandable. On the particular bottle that I did not like , Phero Girl Dominance I wore it alone as I believe it is scented. On the others that I had I usually did wear something over but I did not wait as long as you to let it dry down, I think I may need to try that on the Blatant Invitation bottle I found that I have..
  5. Wow, Thanks for all the input and welcomes! I can't wait to get home tonight to reread all the posts and figure out my next step..I think I need to find all my bottles that way I can figure out the scents I do and don't like. I am pretty sure the PheroGirl Dom perfume is the Rose and chocolate as it sounds like something I would have ordered, but for some reason I don't care for something in it..but if I figure it out I might know what to stay away from..I will give more info tonight..Thanks all and have a great day!
  6. I finally found the nerve to get out here and ask for advice! I've ordered items in the past (at least a couple years ago) when I thought I would take the leap and try to get out into the dating world but never followed through..I purchased a number of items like Stone Cougar, Blatant Invitation, Like a Magnet and a few others..I think I went through Like a Magnet quickly and loved it, think I had some "action" with the Stone Cougar , unfortunatly most of it leaked out of the bottle on a flight to Texas where I was hoping to try it out on some Cowboys (just kidding!!) , but my suitcase seemed
  7. I forgot how entertaining this board is! Quick question as Im desperatly trying to figure out which new and exciting fragrances to order.. I noticed that some of the clearance items have a different phermone (MX287 or P100) is there a place to read about the differences?? Also I had last years version of Cougar..I'm wondering if that has the same ingredient as the new Stone Cougar, which is on my list for sure! Thanks
  8. Hi, I've been reading the posts and reviews for a couple of nights now.. I think I'm ready to attempt an order, I'm just hoping I get the package before I go on a cruise with my daughters..I figure a Mexican Cruise would be a good place to take that first step back into the "dating" world! Hopefully with a little help (from my purchase) I'll get that confidence level up! I am a Mom of two teenage girls, 2 kittens and a Dog...Feel more lke a taxi driver than anything these days so I'm ready for a change! If I can actually make a decision or two ....and I get my package in time..I'll be sur
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