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  1. i'm hoping for some yummy pumpkin scents as well. i want to get a BA pumpkin perfume for my sister-in-law who exclusively wears bath and body works and really needs to expand her scentual horizons, lol. i want to blow her mind!!
  2. out of my sampler pack, this and black candy are my faves...and this is gorgeous! i get pretty much all the notes out of this...the spicey berry, the sparkly cardamon, the decadent patchouli paste, the wonderful amber, the gorgeous magnolia EO. this is just lovely, exotic, sexy, and very unique. i'm totally digging it but am going to let the rest age. when i get my first paycheck of the school year, i totally want a bottle of this!
  3. sadtomato

    Canary Faery

    this is bamboo and lemony goodness on me. not usually the kind of scent i go for, but very green, refreshing, uplifting and lovely! it's not too lemony and the bamboo and other green notes keep it nice and soft and fresh...but the citrus notes give you a nice "kick" that gives you a little lift and boost to our energy. i can see myself wearing this one on dreary days when i'm really dragging my behind through it all!
  4. sadtomato

    Black Candy

    this wasn't nearly as sweet and "candy like" as i thought it was going to be, which is a good thing. when i first put it on, it was "holy anise" and i was a bit concerned i wouldn't really like it or be able to wear it long...but...the anise is only powerful like that for a brief time and then the violet comes out centerstage. once the violet amps up, i was left with a gorgeous, slightly sweet floral with the dark, exotic anise note in the background. every time i moved an arm, walked around, bent to pick something up, etc... there was the mysterious, intoxicating anise veil wafting from me...blended so smoothly and seductively with the violet and amber. this is wonderful. very unique, sexy, and sophisticated...i want a bottle...amped for sure!
  5. got my order today and this is the first one i tried 'cause it smelled yummy in the vial and just like what i wanted on my skin right now. it's such a decadent vanilla and the amber makes it more so. i do get a good cardamon kick from it...which i totally dig 'cause it gives it an interesting spicey quality that makes it that much sexier and provocative. it's rich, very sweet at first (like wanna eat my arm sweet), but then mellows to a smokey, slightly spicey almost peppery sexiness that is just divine mixed with that delicious vanilla and amber. this is likely gonna have to turn into a bottle for me.
  6. i got blue (it's not here yet) and am totally psyched about it...but now i'm wishing maybe i'd ordered purple for my first occo instead. it sounds so dirty and naughty!
  7. sadtomato

    Sand Witch

    this might be gifted to sam he's a bigger fan of the fruity blends than i am.
  8. this does sound delicious...another i almost ordered a bottle of...but funds were low and i could only get one bottle so it had to be an occo and a sampler pack!
  9. sadtomato


    i an a musk ho, so i am sure i'll be loving this one!
  10. sadtomato

    Black Candy

    i'm excited for this one in my sampler pack. i almost got a bottle but wanted to try out that anise first and make sure it wasn't too overpowering. i have a scent from wylde ivey (black patch) with a lot of anise in it that i love and this sounds like a sweeter, less patchouli/musky version of that. can't wait!
  11. OCCO Blue and a sampler pack...i might get mothership, lava rain and constant craving later...but wanted to smell them first.
  12. all my sugared blends tend to have at least a touch of "smut" i them, what can i say? i LOVE dragon's blood, but wanted this one to be not quite as head-shop and over the top smutty as the last smutty one so i went for the cream and plum mix with it. think it came out quite delectable and velvety smooth! e.
  13. i'm off to see the inlaws...and hope there will be even more goodness and dare i say ....descriptions...once i return. hey, a girl can dream!
  14. *sigh* good thing i haven't spent my bday money yet! and now the decision has been made...i'm gonna sell the BPAL locket i never wear so i can spend even more money on parfum! you people have made me an addict again...but hey, it's better than drugs! i smell good, can't get arrested, and there's no danger of heart attack
  15. i love this one. i love the spicyness of the scent and the mojo of the blend. i'm a natural wildchild as well, and this didn't push me over the edge and get me in trouble...it had me walking a fine line, though...and i had a lot of fun while wearing it. i know now there are certain people i can't wear it around and certain places i can't wear it 'cause it does loosen me up and make me even crazier than usual, but it's nothing so dramatic that i can't control myself and make poor choices or lose all inhibitions and good sense. what a fun one, though. glad i got a bottle of this one...it's definitely a social perfume!
  16. wow! glad you like it so much. i really dig this one, too...it's a great summer scent and i love that earth/dirt note that comes through it all! e.
  17. this is lovely! i get grape in my face right away, bit it doesn't stay the predominant note and isn't overpowering...it's not a "grape" scent overall. this is lightly sweet and creamy with delicious zings of grape and berry. mmm. very pretty, feminine and fruity without being citrusy and tart. a smooth, mellow, sweet fruit scent perfect for people like me who are craving something fruity for the summer but who aren't your typical fruit scent lovers. just gorgeous
  18. i don't have a ton on my swap page, i need to update it. but i'll contact you with what i have for trade, or i'll buy it! e.
  19. got this as one of my free bottles in the big sale...i always wanted to try it, but was wary of spending money on it 'cause of the civet in it...which i fear. honestly, though...i can't smell the civet at all. this smells just like described...and it's quite nice. it's boozey, smokey, dirty and sexy. a bit sweeter than i thought it would be and not quite as dark and animalistic, but that's not always a bad thing. not an every day scent, but a nice going out scent for sure...especially spiked with some pheros! glad i finally got this one
  20. and what might you want as a trade?
  21. if, by chance, anyone who ordered a bottle of this decides they don't like it...i would LOVE to buy it from you or trade for something. this was on my list of wants, but had to be cut 'cause i could only afford 4 at the time...but I sense I'll be coming into some birthday money on Saturday!!
  22. mmm. sounds good. this was one i was curious about and tempted by, alas...i didn't have enough money for it. damn decision to give up credit cards!!!
  23. this is mostly sweet oatmeal, cream, and honey on me, with just a tiny hint of florals. it's very pretty...and almost edible smelling. the hubby likes this one 'cause it's soft and sweet. i find it very comforting and warming and like to wear it to bed and have my pillow and sheets smell like this by morning
  24. i finally tried this one today. i have sooo many samples to get through! this is really a wonderful scent and i might have to get a bottle of this. i'm not usually a super fruity kind of girl, but...nummy...this is tasty. the watermelon was super duper strong on me at first and remains strong, but not overpowering, the whole time. after it warms up on my skin, though, i get a nice kick of cinnamon and a warm, woody cedar/patchouli thing going on that turns watermelon into something smokey, a bit spicey and a lot sexy. i was a bit hesitant about this blend and how the scents would mix, but...yeah...they mix great. it's really unique and very inticing and pretty. can't stop smelling myself with this one on. mmmmm.
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