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  1. I got a mini sample of this with my own sugared scent and really like it! Sounds like a blend I'd pick myself. At first whiff on my skin i thought it was going to be way too sweet for my tastes, but the sweetness of the amber and tonka quickly mellow out and the more tobacco scent of the tonka comes out. the neroli is gorgeous in this and blends so nicely with the tonka and amber it's not overpowering and show-stealing like it usually is on me. this is a soft, almost smokey, sweet and sexy scent. i imagine it will be gorgeous on a hot day when it's amped by your own body heat.
  2. this is my sugared blend, which just arrived today...and I LOVE it! i'm glad the peach is subtle 'cause that's exactly the way i wanted it...just bright little peach notes bursting through here and there but not overwhelmingly peachy or fruity. they honeysuckle is heady and gorgeous like a humid summer day, just perfect. and the earth scent balances it all out for me and keeps it from being too much of a frou frou flowery scent. i love the kick of dirtyness to every last note in this blend. this is EXACTLY what i was hoping for...though even better 'cause you guys are such geniuses with your blends! thanks so much for making this a great one i'll love slathering on all spring and summer long!
  3. i swapped for a sample of this as i am a HUGE fan of boozey scents. i was afraid this would be too fruity and way too sweet for my tastes, though, which is why i didn't wanna pay for it however, i was very pleasantly surprised...that's what i love about artisan perfume blends...you think you know what you're gonna like and what you're gonna hate and you give it a try and sometimes the unexpected totally knocks your socks off. on me this is a gorgeous, slightly fruity and sweet booze scent. the booze is on the forefront, but the fruit and sweetness temper it enough so i don't smell like i've been bar-hopping and driving drunk all night. i think this scent will be especially good for hot, humid summer evenings...it will really get amped by the heat of the skin and the humidity and give a sexy, sultry, i've-been-up-to-no-good kind of scent. definite winner in my book!
  4. this is a very yellow scent on me...citrusy. i like it 'cause it reminds me of a sunny, summer day (i guess that's where the happiness comes in, huh?). my hubby likes it 'cause it's not all heavy, musky, and smutty like most of my other blends. he likes when i change it up and go light, airy and happy once in a while. i swapped for this one and am glad i did...i see this as a good scent for long spring/summer drives with the windows down, road trips, and fishing/boating days out in the sun
  5. sadtomato

    Soiled Dove

    I'm gonna cry! Honey, tobacco, booze, old paper, etc.... this scent is ME! I smelled it in the vial and...yum! Perfection! I slathered this baby on and prepared to be dazzled and to drool over it. Then I sniff myself, and....nothing???? It's gone! Totally gone! Another one my skin just ate and left no trace of other than a barely detectable trace of a paper-like smell. Phooey! I waited and waited for it to change and maybe amp something else. Nope. It's just gone Makes me very sad 'cause this description was me in liquid form! Maybe I'll hold onto the tester a bit longer and give it another try once it's settled and aged a little more 'cause I really don't want to give up on this one.
  6. I thought this one was going to be waaaaaay too sweet and foody for me and when i saw it in the sample vial, all cloudy and sugary looking, i was certain of it. But I gave it a good shake and tried it anyway. Not nearly as sweet as I thought...at least not overpoweringly so. It's true to what it's meant to be with the waxy scent and all, but didn't make me want to gnaw on my skin or anything. All in all, a nice, realistic candy corn and taffy scent.
  7. A comforting, cuddly, cozy, warm cup of hot cocoa. I'm not usually a foody scent kind of person, and though this one reminds me so much of hot cocoa, it's not overly foody or sweet to me. Just very cuddly and comforting. This scent reminds me of coming in after a long day of sledding and playing in the snow, peeling off the wet snow clothes, and sitting at the kitchen table for some cocoa while I got warmed up.
  8. I agree, this is probably a scent that will become gorgeous with age...thicker and heavier. I was actually hoping for something thicker and heavier off the bat...more of the resins and more of the booziness, but all i'm getting are the fruits and a wee bit of a sniff of incense. Still quite pretty, just not what I was expecting or looking for from this one.
  9. I had pretty high hopes for this one, and in the bottle, it smelled FABULOUS! Soft, silky, and also sexy. But I put it on my skin, and,.....GONE! My skin totally ate it and all that was left was the mildest of mild linen scents that i had to press my nose to my wrist and huff to even catch a trace of. Asked my hubby to give me a sniff, too, and he didn't smell anything at all I hate when my skin eats oils!!! Bah.
  10. while this a bit sweeter than what i usually wear (the sugarcane is REALLY amping on me), i am really loving this scent and finding it very calming and relaxing. i see this being a good sleep scent or one for a stressful day. i get mostly lavendar, a touch of musk, and those yummy, comforting mosses round it all out nicely. very pretty and soothing. a lot of people are saying they see this as being unisex, but because of how the sweetness amps on me, i don't see my hubby wearing this one. i'm not getting anything masculine at all, actually. but that's just my whacky chemistry for you i would agree with the comment that this is almost an aquatic.
  11. sadtomato

    In the Mood

    this is my favorite LP scent so far. MMMMM! everytime i wear this people stop me and ask me what i'm wearing. it's just perfect for my chemistry. i amp the musk and the woods and get this almost smokey, sexy, intoxicating scent that just surrounds me and wafts from me. it's the best! not at all masculine on me, just very, very sexy!
  12. while i do love patchouli and amber, i didn't have high hopes for this one 'cause it sounded too sweet and foody. and it is sweet and foody. but...i still love it. the patchouli makes it a sweet, foody smell i can get down with, and somehow it reminds me of a comforting cup of hot cocoa, and i'm cool with that on a cold winter day. it's a nice scent for snuggling under blankets with someone you love, or just with your kitties nad a good book.
  13. sadtomato


    this is all guava and apple on me. mostly apple. like an apple flavored sparkling water. i hate sparkling water. gack. *tosses in swap pile*
  14. sadtomato


    oddly enough, though this is blueberry based, i get no blueberry at all when i wear this not a bad thing, though. i like the smell of blueberry muffins and such, but am not really a foody scent person when it comes to my perfumes. on me this is a light, sweet floral. normally it wouldn't be a scent i'd be in love with or anything. it's pretty enough, but it's light and not all that distinct or impressive. but...i work with special needs students who often throw fits of the hitting, kicking, screaming, throwing nature and i've noticed that on the three days i have worn this scent, they have been in a much happier, friendlier mood while around me and i haven't been hit!! that's a plus and probably worth a full bottle!
  15. gorgeous musks softened with vanilla and spiked with citrus? what could be better?!? this is all musk with a hint of citrus on me and....I LOVE IT!
  16. i love me some amber and was sooooo excited to try this. i'll likely be burned at the stake for saying this but...it's just way too sweet for my tastes maybe a good layering scent, but straight-up I could never wear this alone. it makes me gack.
  17. this had no creaminess to it at all on me. it was mostly a lovely, soft floral with a bit of sweet blackberry to it once it dried down. very pretty, feminine, and lovely. i wore it today for the valentine's party at work(school) and all the kids were telling me how good i smelled...so, i guess it's a winner! only drawback is it didn't last too long and i had to reapply about three hours into the day.
  18. i'm not really into fruity scents, so i figured this was one i'd test once and just trade or give away. but...i really like it! to me, or on me, it's not fruity in an overpowering way. i was afraid i'd smell like some girly drink with a a littly umbrella in it, but, nope! the musks blend beautifully with the fruits and it's just tart, musky, sassy, and yum! i really dig this one. it's a keeper!
  19. i just got my sample january scents today and am sooooo thrilled with them. every single one of them is gorgeous. can't wait to wear each of them and experience them fully. i think out of all the full month sample trials i've ordered, these are the best ones i've gotten so far. i mean, seriously...they are all gorgeous! and usually out of the batch or 10 or so, there are about 4 or 5 i really like and the rest i trade. wow! great job this time around!
  20. not too fruity and not too sweet. kind of tart, and buttery! mmm. it's nice. has some good spices to it as well. i made the mistake of putting it on this morning and then not eating breakfast, and now i really want to gnaw on my wrist :/ so my advice is don't wear this one on an empty stomach!
  21. I was expecting this to be too sweet and foody and one I wouldn't like and would have to trade or pass on, but...I love it! For some reasong I decided I'd try it when I was getting ready this morning and slathered it on and...mmm! It's not too sweet and foody at all. A nice combination of slighty sweet and slightly spicy. A bit of sugar, a bit of cinnamon, and some other lovely spices as well as maybe some musks and light florals in there to make it very pretty, feminine, unique and just very lovely and pretty. Really am digging this one and can't stop sniffing myself
  22. i finally got around to trying my sample of this and am really loving it. on my skin it's not at all like it is in the samle vial. once it dries down on my skin i'm left with something warm, comforting, and sexy in a sultry, mysterious way...not a vamp/vixen, on the prowl kind of way. the scent is very well blended and i can't detect individual notes but am left with a slight floral, warm resin, and maybe even a hint of cooling ozone or metallic. a bit oriental, yes. a scent for all eras, yes. this scent doesn't strike me as ultra-modern, though. more classic and sophisticated.
  23. at first sniff, this was a little sweet for me, but come on, it's pheremones and i have to try it and see if it works and if so, i need more! so i'm testing it today. one of my work friends is leaving and we're having a going away thing for her which includes lunch out, then she and i are going for drinks at a few bars and i figured some good, sweet smelling pheremones might get us a few free drinks from bar patrons of the male persuasion. the lunch and bar hopping is yet to take place, but my male co-worker is being especially friendly today and standing closer to me than he usually does and a lot more often than he usually does, so i have hope for this stuff. we have a very brotherly-sisterly kind of friendship going on between us and if it's affecting him, watch out boys at the bar! i'll update later and let you know how it goes e.
  24. My skin eats oil and Allegro didn't last too long on me, sadly. It stayed a bit longer on my neck than anywhere else, but not even too long there. Thank goodness for scent lockets, I say! I catch a wiff of it's delightfulness every time I bend over, turn, or move! I wore this today knowing it was going to be a downer of a day...work is stressful, the weather is dark and dreary, etc... and I've managed to stay upbeat and cheery through it all. Also, my co-worker who was about to have a storke due to stress and bad vibes yesterday is a lot more light-hearted today. I say go for it, get a bottle! It's very citrusy on me, not a smell I'm usually terribly fond of, but it's got a warmness to it as well and the effects are great so it makes the smell tastier. :dancingfruits0nm:
  25. Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes! what a friendly board, i'm glad i joined. e./sadtomato
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