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  1. Nox was the scent that reeled me in e.
  2. hello there, another forum newbie! i was introduced to this site and the wonderful scents found here through the forums on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. participated in a swap there and received a sample of a love potion oil, it was love at first sniff and now i'm hooked! i'm 32, married, no children other than the furry kind. we have three cats named persphone, scout, and bo (the one-eyed kitty wonder). i'm a writer for a living and love all things creative. some of my other passions include travel, music, reading, tarot, palmistry, graphology, paranormal, occult, mysticism, learning, letter writing, discussing, cooking & baking, lore & legends, languages, cultures, death & burial customs, nature, etc... i love horror movies, even the terribly cheesey kind, and also watch a lot of documentaries, foreign and indie flicks. i nap a lot due to a failed adrenal gland caused by chronic illness. not the most energetic person because of the adrenal gland thing, but i use all the energy i have for about three times what it's really worth and just milk it for every ounce of life i can get out of it i'm a roll with the punches kind of a girl who has a sweet, innocent, cherubic look...but is really quite dark, twisted, and sinister.
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