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  1. In no particular order... Body Paint, Blossom of Love, Hera's Eye/Kimberly's Shameless Ginger Rose combined, my Tarty Spiced Pear, Hotness Personified. Lightening it up for spring I guess.
  2. The rose in this one smells very much like the one used in La Fleur Cremeuse- it's a sugary, creamy, very full and lingering rose. I could hardly detect the ginger in this blend, though - I'm hoping maybe wearing it with a dab of Hexen might do the trick to amp up the spice a little.
  3. Thanks- I ordered a full bottle. I'm a little leery of "if you liked EN, you'll like this" scents as so far that's been a source of disappointment. If I had a time machine I would go back two years and buy a lot more EN. But I am cautiously optimistic.
  4. The summer versions have been my favorite LPs so far-- last year's melon convinced me I CAN wear fruity scents, and I like this one too. It's purple but not overwhelmingly so, ripe and sunny and bright. I like putting this one in my hair and then catching a sniff when I toss my head.
  5. I reeeeeally like this one. I'm usually not much for pink scents, but this is one of my favorite breakfasts too. The cinnamon really helps round out the pinkness into a deliciously edible scent. It lies close to the skin, but is something I could easily see myself reapplying all day.
  6. Woohoo, this one is sweet, fruity and flowery! When I first applied, I actually got a hit of baby shampoo, but it very quickly mellowed into a bold, bouncy, fruity scent. Cyberianhussy is right, it is reminiscent of the old Body Shop Dewberry. Unfortunately I think there's something in it that's making me sneeze, so it's not a keeper for me!
  7. The first note I get on initial application is butter, with a little rose hiding somewhere behind it. It quickly settles into more of a creamy, sweet frosting scent, with the sweetest rose. Not a tea rose, a soft dusky one with some subtlety behind it. It smells just like a frosting rose should, but doesn't. It's soft and cozy, not an attention-grabbing scent but one just for me!
  8. That's very helpful indeed-- thanks a million!
  9. LPMP honey notes usually don't work for me-- I find them too heavy and overwhelming. So I tried Body Paint with a little trepidation, and I'm happy to say that the honey doesn't overpower the light fruit-tart scent at all. This isn't a sharp lavender, either, giving just a little bit of an edge to the berries and cream. Soothing and homey.
  10. I'm not quite sure how I managed to order a bottle of Soul Food with my order last week-- I thought it had been sold out forever. I see it in the shop again, so maybe there was a rebrew I missed out on-- in any case, if you've been waiting for a bottle, take a look and see if you can grab one!
  11. I think this is the first bottle I've completely used up so far... though I'm a dainty dabber, and the only reason I haven't used up Everything Nice is because I can't get any more.
  12. Is this scent based on the Twilight novels?
  13. La Rose Cremeuse is the only one that's really calling to me this month.
  14. I'm sending a bottle to the chef at the restaurant... I hope she'll let me know what she thinks!
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