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  1. In no particular order... Body Paint, Blossom of Love, Hera's Eye/Kimberly's Shameless Ginger Rose combined, my Tarty Spiced Pear, Hotness Personified. Lightening it up for spring I guess.
  2. The rose in this one smells very much like the one used in La Fleur Cremeuse- it's a sugary, creamy, very full and lingering rose. I could hardly detect the ginger in this blend, though - I'm hoping maybe wearing it with a dab of Hexen might do the trick to amp up the spice a little.
  3. Thanks- I ordered a full bottle. I'm a little leery of "if you liked EN, you'll like this" scents as so far that's been a source of disappointment. If I had a time machine I would go back two years and buy a lot more EN. But I am cautiously optimistic.
  4. The summer versions have been my favorite LPs so far-- last year's melon convinced me I CAN wear fruity scents, and I like this one too. It's purple but not overwhelmingly so, ripe and sunny and bright. I like putting this one in my hair and then catching a sniff when I toss my head.
  5. I reeeeeally like this one. I'm usually not much for pink scents, but this is one of my favorite breakfasts too. The cinnamon really helps round out the pinkness into a deliciously edible scent. It lies close to the skin, but is something I could easily see myself reapplying all day.
  6. Woohoo, this one is sweet, fruity and flowery! When I first applied, I actually got a hit of baby shampoo, but it very quickly mellowed into a bold, bouncy, fruity scent. Cyberianhussy is right, it is reminiscent of the old Body Shop Dewberry. Unfortunately I think there's something in it that's making me sneeze, so it's not a keeper for me!
  7. The first note I get on initial application is butter, with a little rose hiding somewhere behind it. It quickly settles into more of a creamy, sweet frosting scent, with the sweetest rose. Not a tea rose, a soft dusky one with some subtlety behind it. It smells just like a frosting rose should, but doesn't. It's soft and cozy, not an attention-grabbing scent but one just for me!
  8. That's very helpful indeed-- thanks a million!
  9. LPMP honey notes usually don't work for me-- I find them too heavy and overwhelming. So I tried Body Paint with a little trepidation, and I'm happy to say that the honey doesn't overpower the light fruit-tart scent at all. This isn't a sharp lavender, either, giving just a little bit of an edge to the berries and cream. Soothing and homey.
  10. I'm not quite sure how I managed to order a bottle of Soul Food with my order last week-- I thought it had been sold out forever. I see it in the shop again, so maybe there was a rebrew I missed out on-- in any case, if you've been waiting for a bottle, take a look and see if you can grab one!
  11. I think this is the first bottle I've completely used up so far... though I'm a dainty dabber, and the only reason I haven't used up Everything Nice is because I can't get any more.
  12. Is this scent based on the Twilight novels?
  13. La Rose Cremeuse is the only one that's really calling to me this month.
  14. I'm sending a bottle to the chef at the restaurant... I hope she'll let me know what she thinks!
  15. I'll add that this scent is based on a favorite cocktail from Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, it's made (or used to be, I don't know, I live in Virginia now) with pear juice, sparkling wine, simple syrup, crushed cardamom pods, and a dash of lemon juice.
  16. There's always a surprise in my samples, and this month it was Hotness Personified. I wasn't expecting to like this so much! It's a light, fruity, fun scent that I think will be great for summer-- a little tiki drink, a little Hawaiian Punch.
  17. I loved the gentle softness of this in the vial, but lavender amps to an extreme degree on my skin and goes very sharp, throwing off the balance and sticking around long past its welcome, so this blend sadly didn't work for me. Maybe as a sachet refresher.
  18. New Private Editions are up (including my Tarty Spiced Pear)!!
  19. Pear, cardamom, and lemon, but I told them to leave out the lemon if they think it will be overpowering.
  20. I'll pick up a Sexology; I'm still trying to find something close to Everything Nice, and I'm willing to gamble. Some musks are okay on me and some aren't. Then I'll get samples of Valentine Queen, Broken Heart, and Moroccan Nights, and my custom sugared (been waiting on that till the new releases are out and I can do them all together).
  21. Pear, cardamom, and lemon, after the memory of a favorite cocktail.
  22. I tried this one again, shook it up very carefully. I get the flour/oat grainy scent at the beginning, but that disappears fairly quickly into a strong floral on me. Put this one down to skin chemistry, I guess!
  23. I don't find it that comparable. Everything Nice has a sweetness that was missing for me from F&F, and I find the cumin in F&F overwhelming. As always, YMMV.
  24. Wet, this smells EXACTLY like eggnog. I get a lot of warm rich cream in with nutmeg and a hint of rum. Once it dries down, most of the creaminess evaporates on me, leaving a well-rounded, subtle warm spice.
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